careco showroom clean

Our Coronavirus Response – Preparing For End Of Lockdown

Over the last couple of weeks we have been preparing the business for reopening. Although we do not have a definitive date yet, as we are waiting for the Government to make an official announcement, we have been working hard to ensure that all areas of our business, the shops, the warehouse, and offices, are as safe and clean as possible for customers, staff and visitors.

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British made hand sanitiser factory

The Rising Cost of Hand Sanitiser and New British Products

We hope that our new suppliers will provide us with enough hand sanitiser to tie us over until our next shipment is expected in July. If you can do without hand sanitiser right now, we advise that you wait so that health workers, nurses, care workers, retailers, delivery drivers, and other frontline workers can replenish their supplies, to help keep us all safe. Please do not stock pile.

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