Enigma Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair Review – Light, Strong and Fun To Ride!

Enigma Ultra Lightweight Self Propel Wheelchair

All mobility aids are designed to help those who struggle to get around. Whether it’s weak muscles, fragile bones or a lack of confidence in their balance, people look to mobility products to help them regain independence and to improve their quality of life.

But not all are created equal. And some make claims that simply don’t stand up when you receive the product. This can be especially true for wheelchairs, which are almost exclusively sold as ‘lightweight’ and ‘easily transportable’. That’s why today’s blog gives you an overview of the Enigma Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Manual Wheelchair, which we consider to be a truly lightweight wheelchair. Read on to find out more.

A Very Light Wheelchair

Let’s start with the weight. This Enigma Wheelchair weighs just 13kg (2st), which is less than the accepted weight for hold luggage on most airlines. By making use of the half-folding back mechanism, you’ll find this lightweight wheelchair is easy to get into the boot of your car, which is perfect for those of you who love to travel or take day trips. It can be stored easily too, whether you want to keep it out of the way while you’re at home or put it in the luggage hold of a plane, coach or train. You can quickly and easily remove the wheels too, which users often find very handy.

Sometimes the more lightweight wheelchairs on the market can be found wanting when it comes to coping with heavier user weights. However, the aluminium frame and single cross brace (incorporated in the chair) keeps the Enigma Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair at the top of the table for user weight, able to carry up to 115kg (18st 2lbs).

This Enigma self-propel wheelchair also manages to avoid the clinical style of other wheelchairs. The silver aluminium frame is sleek and sturdy, and the two tone upholstery is stylish. There’s a convenient rear pocket too, which is ideal for keeping your essentials close at hand. All the basics you’d expect from a self-propel wheelchair are included. That means:

  • Desk style armrests, so you can get closer to tables and desks without vacating the chair.
  • Height-adjustable quick release footrests, so you can safely get in and out of the chair.
  • Solid PU tyres, so you can take on troublesome terrain like hard sand, gravel car parks and coastal paths.

And if you’re worried about getting tired while out and about, the Enigma Ultra Lightweight wheelchair features ergonomic and comfortable hand-grips ideal for attendant-use.

The Enigma Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Manual Wheelchair is available in our wheelchair shops, including transit and travel wheelchairs, by following the link.