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Walking Aids

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Find your balance boosting Walking Aid


It’s easy to lose confidence in your balance when you feel unsteady on your feet. And that might mean you’ve stopped getting out and about as much as you used to. From quad canes and walking frames to clever 2-in-1 rollators, our walking aids offer the helping hand you need to enjoy life to the full.

Look for tri-walkers – 3-wheeled frames that are easy to manoeuvre in busy spaces – as well as rollators, which have 4 wheels for extra stability and comfortable seats. Here you’ll also find spare ferrules for walking sticks, folding walking sticks that fit neatly in your bag, and accessories like cane straps and ice grips. We also stock crutches for those recovering from an injury or operation, all available with next day delivery.

Boost Your Balance and Stability with Our Walking Aids and Zimmer Frames

Being unsteady on your feet can quickly take a toll on your confidence, not to mention stopping you from getting out and about as much as you like. Walking aids have come a long way since the days of traditional wooden walking sticks, and our range has something to suit every level of mobility. Our tri-walkers, rollators and walking frames make for great everyday mobility aids, with stylish designs that aren’t boring or clinical.

Rollators offer the most stability of any of our walking aids. With four rolling wheels (as opposed to the three you will find on a tri-walker), they have more points of contact with the ground and can therefore support more weight as you walk. The extra wheels also make it easier to turn quickly and confidently, perfect in busy places like high streets and supermarkets.

Tri-Walkers are made from lightweight frames with three rolling wheels for easy manoeuvrability. This design means they are compact and easy to store, especially with a foldable frame.

Rollators and tri-walkers are fitted with ergonomic handles designed to be kinder to arthritic hands and wrists, as well as secure cable brakes to bring you to a safe and gentle stop if necessary. Many also have seats included, which is great if you’re in a standing-only area and need to get off your feet. The under-seat storage is also handy for shopping and other little bits and pieces.

Walking Frames tend to be more basic compared to rollators and tri-walkers, but they are still very useful. Sometimes called Zimmer frames, our range includes models with wheels, while some are fitted with four anti-slip rubber ferrules instead to allow you to lift and place the frame as you walk.

We also sell a wide range of walking sticks and crutches, mobility trolleys, and walking stick ferrules.