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Which Rollator Is Best? Discover Our Zimmer Frames on Wheels

February 22, 2024 -
Glider rollator

What Are Rollators?

Rollators are generally considered to be a little bit more convenient than tri-walkers and other walking aids like crutches, especially when it comes to travelling further. 

They are normally designed with 4 wheels to provide a sturdier base, and they can be very helpful for getting yourself down to the shops, for running errands or for going out with the family on day trips without feeling like a burden.

They are essentially a Zimmer frame on wheels, so rather than lift the frame each step, you push it along. They provide excellent support and stability, and can be used to carry your bags. Plus, many come with a seat too.

Rollators are great for people looking for a mobility aid to help them manage short distances, or for those who are quite confident in their balance and flexibility but need a little help to overcome reduced stamina. All these rollators are lightweight, transportable, and easy to look after too. Here we look at some of our most popular rollators - you can browse all our rollators for sale here.

Which? Best Buy Rollators

We are proud to announce that two if our premium models were declared Best Buy by Which? in 2024 - the proLite Carbon X and proLite Carbon X Trail.

These are sleek rollators that are engineered to the highest standards to provide exceptional support and stablity.

They both come with a seat, backrest, bag, brakes and cupholder, making them comfortable and practical.

You can find out why Which? rated these  best buys on our Which? Best Buy Rollators page.

CareCo Glider

CareCo Glider

CareCo Glider: Our own rollator, the CareCo Glider, is the most affordable of our selection.

It's easy to grip, with ergonomic handles designed to be comfortable for arthritic users and those with limited dexterity. There is also a seat with a storage area to keep your valuables out-of-sight.


Tuni Nova Rollator

Tuni Nova Indoor

Tuni Nova Indoor Rollator: This rollator comes with a handy basket to provide a safe and easy way to carry small items.

This is a light rollator with a smooth action, with easy to apply hand brakes. It can also be folded away and comes with a handy bag. It can be used indoors and out.

Orbit Rollator

Orbit Rollator

Orbit Rollator: This rollator with a basket is one of our cheapest wheeled walking aids, and perfect for trips to the local shops, visits to town.

It is strong enough to allow you to sit on it if you need to rest your legs for a while.  

Tuni Samba Duo Rollator Rollator

Tuni Samba Duo Rollator: This is a sturdy walker with wheels suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a removable carry bag that is ideal for small shopping trips. It can be folded away for easier storage.

This rollator also doubles up as a transit chair; it can be pushed by an attendant while you sit, with your feet safely in the footrests. 

Cielo walking aidCielo Stroller

Constructed from lightweight aluminium that's easier to walk with and with a 4-wheel design that offers more stability, the Cielo Stroller offers a smooth glide over all kinds of surfaces as well as more stability in the turn. 

This is a great model for shopping with plenty of storage, and a well padded seat for the most comfortable rest too. An all-round great mobility aid that really helps you get out and about.

Safety First

Cable breaks are included on most models to help you deal with the demands of walking on unstable outdoor terrain like deteriorating pavements and pathways.

Rollators also have foldable seats incorporated into their design, so you can take a rest while out and about.

Visit our rollators and walking aids shop to view all our products, or take a look at our CareCo Tri Walkers and CareCo Rollators.

Will Harrison
Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grassroots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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