Li-Tech Marathon Lithium Scooter – Product of the Year 2019

Mobility scooter product of the year

AMP has awarded our Li-Tech Marathon Lithium Scooter a Product of the Year for 2019!

AMP said: “With a record breaking 26 mile range, the Li-Tech Marathon are the first to house lithium-ion batteries, offering increased durability, better performance and super-quick charging times.”

The Li-Tech marathon is one of the best performing lithium-ion mobility scooters on the market and will likely continue to be our product of the year in this category for 2020 too. It has a huge range of 26 miles and is lightweight and very easy to ride. It can also be dismantled for easy travel, making it an excellent car boot scooter too. Not only that, it comes with all round suspension, something few smaller mobility scooters provide.

The Li-Tech mobility scooters specialise in disability scooters that use lithium batteries – the Li-Tech Air is one of our most popular lightweight scooters.


Trevor Grange

Trevor Grange has been involved in the design and development of mobility scooters for many years and has witnessed the progression of the scooter from its basic beginnings right through to the sleek and sophisticated models you can enjoy today through CareCo. Trevor first became interested in mobility products when his Sister was born with Cerebral Palsy. She is now thriving into her 50’s. Having someone in the family who benefits personally from this industry I think gives Trevor an edge when it comes to functionality of the products.

In his spare time Trevor likes to watch his team get humiliated in the Premier League. He is also a keen tennis player and loves to travel the world.
Trevor Grange