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Bathroom Aids for independence at home

Have you lost a bit of confidence in your own bathroom since struggling with your mobility? It’s no wonder, with slippery surfaces and high thresholds to contend with. The thought of a slip, trip or fall in the bathroom can mean you stop looking after your personal hygiene like you used to. But making your bathroom safer is easy, and it doesn’t have to come at the cost of expensive and messy building work either.

Available with next day delivery as well as Home Assembly options for bigger products, shop our bathroom aids to regain your independence where it matters most. From bath lifts and walk-in baths to grab rails, anti-slip mats, toilet aids and more, our extensive range of bathroom aids helps to make your home the relaxing, safe and comfortable space it used to be. 

Bathing Accessories To Hold on to Your Independence and Privacy

The ability to enjoy privacy and independence in the bathroom is incredibly important. If you aren’t as stable on your feet, living with limited mobility, then bathrooms can be intimidating. High thresholds, slippery surfaces and the restricted spaces of the bathroom can make it difficult to move around safely and lead to poor hygiene, which quickly takes a toll on your quality of life. With our range of bathroom mobility aids, there’s no need to sacrifice cleanliness and good hygiene.

Bath lifts are clever mobility aids that help you to enjoy a full depth soak in the tub. They work by giving you a platform to slowly lower yourself into the bath using a simple waterproof controller. When you’re done, simply raise yourself back to the top of the bath for a much easier transfer out of the tub. We also stock a selection of stools and chairs for the bathroom. These can make showering much easier for elderly or disabled people, with height adjustable frames and swivel seats offering the flexibility to suit anyone.

Our toileting solutions are ideal for home care and commercial care environments. From disposable bed pans to toilet seat raisers and discreet commodes designed to look like regular chairs, our range will make life easier for everyone.

Suction cup grab bars provide a handy helping hand around the bathroom for those unsteady on their feet, offering a portable solution that means you don’t have to attach anything permanently to the wall. And our easy to clean anti-slip bathroom mats are an affordable fix for slippery tiled floors, bath tubs and showers. Regain your independence and privacy with our extensive range of bathroom aids for the elderly and disabled.