Best Travel Scooters To Take Abroad

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Summer is the time of year when many people decide that it’s time for a well-deserved holiday, whether they choose to stay within the UK or travel abroad by car, plane or cruise. However, if you suffer from mobility problems you may feel as if visiting foreign countries is too much hassle, especially if you need assistance walking or you cannot walk very far without feeling tired or uncomfortable. Contrary to what many people believe, you are able to take your mobility scooter with you – it just depends on what type of scooter you own. Today we bring you a blog highlighting our favourite travel scooters, all designed and manufactured by qualified engineers working for CareCo. Read on to find out more (all prices include VAT Relief)!

QS4 Electric Folding Scooter

The QS4 Electric Folding Scooter is a lightweight auto-folding scooter. It folds and unfolds in just 7 seconds at the press of a button, and comes with a protective travel bag. It is the best travel scooter to date. With a 9 mile range and lightweight battery that can be changed quickly and easily, it’s perfect for first time scooter owners.


The Minimus is our lightest and most compact mobility scooter. It is a manually folding scooter that has a carry / pull along case. It is best suited to indoor use and good pavements and pedestrian areas, as it has a low profile and small wheels, but can still carry passengers up to 115kg / 18st 2lbs.

This scooter offers 6 miles of uninterrupted travel and a compact 4700 RPM motor. Smaller and lighter than regular batteries, its lithium-ion batteries also last longer with regular use and are ideal for frequent travellers, helping the Minimus to outperform bigger, less portable travel scooters.

CareCo AirLite

Considered the lightest (and cheapest) travel scooter available in our own-brand range, the AirLite X Travel Mobility Scooter is ideal for gently introducing new users into the world of mobility aids. Fitted with our next-generation splitting system, the AirLite is incredibly simple and easy to disassemble; just pull the lever at the rear of the frame and the separate pieces can be taken apart. Able to be split into five individual sections, this scooter is ideal for packing away into your car boot for

CareCo AirLite Travel Mobility Scooter

days out within the UK, and is compact enough to be taken with you when you fly, especially when you take into account that the tiller bar folds flat, saving even more space!

Alongside its intelligent splitting system, the AirLite is fitted with a 12 Ah battery enabling you to travel up to 8 miles (12km) between charges, and with a maximum user weight limit of 18 stone (114kg) it’s a great way of getting around if you have mobility issues.

CareCo Eclipse

Perhaps considered a step up from the AirLite, the CareCo Eclipse Travel Mobility Scooter is one of our most popular products available today, rated 4.5/5 stars from 84 unique reviews! And it’s no surprise when you consider this travel scooter’s amazing features.

Lightweight and narrow in design, the Eclipse is able to be split into five individual sections, ideal for packing away in your vehicle. However, if you don’t have the time or the strength to separate the scooter then just simply fold down the tiller to stand the Eclipse within its own ‘footprint’, making it ideal for taking with you on a flight or cruise. Due to this design feature the Eclipse is incredibly easy to reassemble when you arrive at your destination, saving you time once you land.

With the entire scooter frame only weighing 6 stone (44kg), this model is perfect for travelling with, and with a distance range of 10 miles (16km) and a weight limit of 18 stone (114kg) it’s ideal for so many people.

CareCo Zoom Plus

An upgrade from the standard CareCo Zoom, the CareCo Zoom Plus offers you an increased travelling distance, ideal for takiCareCo Zoom mobility scooterng with you when you fly as you’ll have more than enough power to get you around the airport and hotel once you land. With its 20 Ah battery you’re able to travel up to 14 miles (22km) between charges, and with a 20 stone (127kg) weight limit you can be safe in the knowledge you’re in secure, sturdy hands.

Much like our other examples, the Zoom Plus can be split into five pieces, with the lightest part weighing only 1 stone (7kg)! Plus, with its adjustable delta tiller you’re able to control the direction of the scooter with the lightest of touches, requiring such a small amount of effort from the driver that you can even use it with one hand.

CareCo Scootcase

A marvel in the world of mobility aids, the CareCo Scootcase is a one-of-a-kind model, showing you just how easy it is to take a travel scooter on holiday with you.

Incredibly simple in design, the Scootcase can be folded in onto itself and packed away into its own suitcase, with you able to store it in your car boot or take it with you as luggage if you’re flying or boarding a cruise! Weighing a total of only 3.5 stone (22kg), the Scootcase has a simple folding seat and tiller bar, enabling you to quickly get going as soon as you land. Plus, despite its simplicity its able to carry a maximum user weight of 15 stone (100kg), ideal for a wide range of users.

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