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Featured CareCo Self-Propelled Wheelchairs for All Budgets

March 24, 2021 -
self-propelled wheelchairs

At CareCo we have a wide selection of self-propelled wheelchairs, many of which are our own brand. Among this range of CareCo branded wheelchairs there is a variety of products with distinct features at different price points, so there’s one for all budgets. To give a better idea of what each one can do we’ve put together a closer look at each of the CareCo self-propelled wheelchairs. Shop all self=propelled wheelchairs here.

Tuni Vision

Tuni Vision wheelchair

The Tuni Vision wheelchair is a lightweight, all-terrain self-propelled wheelchair, so it's perfect for those of you who love to travel. The quick-release mechanism on those 24'' rear wheels means they can be removed effortlessly.

Perfect for sliding the wheelchair into the boot of your car or into a narrow storage space. And at 17kg carry weight, this wheelchair is easier to lift. Other components like the footrests can also be removed to help with storage and transportation.  

Vista 8 Aluminium Self-Propelled Wheelchair

Vista 8 Aluminium Self-Propelled Wheelchair

The Vista 8 is an aluminium self-propelled wheelchair designed to do more than get you from A to B. It's a lightweight self-propelled wheelchair, easy to manoeuvre whether you're in control or you have the assistance of an attendant.

The comfortable hand rims help you to propel the chair with ease, with durable solid tyres offering a smooth glide for indoor and outdoor use.  

X8 High Active

X8 High Active wheelchair

The X8 High Active is a self-propelled wheelchair designed to be taken with you on days out and on holiday with the upmost ease without sacrificing on quality.

The X8 High Active comes as standard with a thick cushion that can be removed from the wheelchair when necessary. It has flip-up adjustable armrests that mean that you can easily access the wheelchair, and comes with 22” PU tyres

I-GO Airrex

The I-GO Airrex is two products in one; a self-propelled wheelchair and a transit wheelchair. The large rear wheels that characterise a self-propelled wheelchair can be pushed as normal by the user. However, when you need to get through narrow spaces or simply don’t need the bigger wheels they can be quickly detached and the chair becomes a transit wheelchair. This is thanks to the smaller rear wheels set inside the width of the bigger wheels.

This adaptability also makes it an excellent portable wheelchair as it helps reduce carry weight – as does the aluminium frame – and reduces size. The folding backrest, collapsible frame, and removal footrests help further. Ultimately, the I-GO Airrex is perfect for those who have a lifestyle that can change from one day to the next.

CareCo AirGlide

CareCo Aluminium AirGlide self-propelled Wheelchairs

The CareCo AirGlide takes the basics of a self-propelled wheelchairs and adds some touches of refinement. The Aluminium frame makes the AirGlide much easier to lift than the Viper, with a carry weight of 13.8kg it’s almost 5kg lighter.

This doesn’t come at the cost of strength, with the chair still being able to support up to 17st 5lbs. The refinement of the AirGlide really comes into its own when it comes to comfort and ease of use. The armrests can be raised to either give more space in the chair or help you get in and out, plus the low weight makes pushing easy. When transporting the chair, it’s easy to pack it away.

The wheels and footrests can be quickly released, while the backrest can fold in half and the chair squashed flat.

CareCo Explorer

CareCo Explorer Heavy Duty Self-Propelled wheelchairs

If you’re after a CareCo self-propelled wheelchair that is capable of supporting very high weight and heavy knocks then the CareCo Explorer is the perfect choice.

The heavy-duty steel frame and wider seat has been designed to be more comfortable for bariatric patients. The additional space means larger users won’t have to contort themselves to find a suitable seating position and the extra rigidity in the frame can support up to 32st.

The Explorer isn’t all brawn and no brains though, it also has features to make it easy to use. As you would expect it can be folded flat and the footrests removed for transportation, but this isn’t the only area of adjustability. The dual axel brace beneath the seat not only provides excellent strength but it also allows the seat to be adjusted in height, helping you find the most comfortable position.

CareCo Viper

CareCo Viper Self-Propelled wheelchairs

The CareCo Viper is about giving you the essentials for an affordable price. A strong frame means it will be able to take the bumps and vibrations of imperfect streets, as well as being able to support a weight of up to 18st 2lbs.

Additionally, the solid tyres mean punctures or under inflation is not an issue. This helps keep maintenance low, you can simply take a seat and start moving. To provide all important convenience the Viper can be folded in half across its vertical axis, making it compact enough to fit into a car boot.

Additionally, the footrests can be adjusted to the correct length for you, or completely removed to help storage. As an added bonus there’s a small pocket on the rear of the seat to keep essential items.  

Will Harrison
Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grassroots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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