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VAT Exemption

VAT Exemption

If you have a long-term illness or you’re disabled, you don’t have to pay VAT on certain goods as long as they are designed or adapted for your own personal or domestic use. The scheme also covers the installation of products, repairs or maintenance and spare parts or accessories, and is intended to reduce the price of products and services that you may need because of your disability.

Which products are eligible for 0% VAT?

Look out for the VAT Exempt badge on products when browsing our site. These products are eligible for VAT relief as they have been designed or adapted specifically for a disability. So, as long as your disability or long-term illness qualifies under the scheme, you don’t have to pay VAT on these products.

What counts as a long-term illness or disability?

For VAT purposes, you are disabled or have a long-term illness if:

  • you have a physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon your ability to carry out everyday activities.
  • you have a condition that the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness, such as diabetes.
  • you are terminally ill.

You don’t qualify if you are elderly but otherwise able-bodied, or if you’re temporarily disabled. You don't have to physically buy the goods in person. If your parent, guardian, wife or husband buys the goods and services for you, then you will not be charged VAT.

How do I purchase zero-rated VAT products?

When you place your order, we’ll ask you to make a legally binding declaration about your illness or disability, that we may be required to provide to HMRC. In completing this form, you are declaring that you are claiming VAT relief under Group 12 of Schedule 8 of the Value Added Tax Act 1994. It is an offence to make a false declaration. The information you provide is kept strictly confidential and is used only for our application of VAT relief to the products we supply you with and for the VAT accounting purposes of HMRC.

What counts as personal or domestic use?

Personal or domestic use means that the goods or services are supplied for your own private use, rather than for business purposes.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you or the person you’re buying on behalf of is eligible to receive goods and services zero-rated for VAT, please consult Notice 701/7 VAT reliefs for disabled people, or contact HMRC National Advice Service on 0845 010 9000. The helpline is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday.