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Spring Mobility Header

Best British Mobility Scooters for Spring 2021

Spring is fast approaching and as the days grow longer and warmer, now is the time to start your search for a new mobility scooter. We have some excellent new models this year to tell you about and several are just perfect for some springtime adventures.

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large strong riser recliners for big overweight people

Large Riser Recliners For Heavy People – Bariatric Chairs

Most riser recliners only support people of a weight up to 125kg (19 1/2 stone) – anything much beyond this and the motor might struggle to lift the chair up. …

Electric Wheelchairs

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Johanna Sangster in California

Californian Adventures in my Foldalite

In February 2020, I was lucky enough to take a trip over to sunny California, to visit my family, the majority of whom are out there. Because of this family tie, over the years I’ve made several trips across, however, this would be my first as a powerchair user!

Johannah Sangster blog header

Adventures in My Foldalite

Manual Wheelchairs

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self-propelled wheelchairs

Featured CareCo Self-Propelled Wheelchairs for All Budgets

CareCo have a wide selection of self-propelled wheelchairs, many of which are our own brand. So you know what they can do here’s a closer look at each one.

wheelchair health advice

History of the Wheelchair

Bathroom Zone

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baths vs bath seats

Bath Lifts Vs Walk-in Baths – Which is Best?

We offer two ways to bathe independently, walk-in baths, and bath lifts. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s run through the main pros and cons of each to help you decide which is best for your personal needs.

Daily Living Aids

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Autumn woodland scene with vibrant yellow leaves

Stay Warm and Dry Outside and Indoors This Autumn

As summer comes to a close and autumn approaches these products available at CarceCo can solve your seasonal mobility needs.

CareCo home aids sale
New products in 2020


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senior lady video calling on a laptop

Ways To Stay In Touch With Loved Ones

2020 has been a year like no other in living history, bringing phrases like furlough, lockdown and social distancing into our everyday vocabularies. There have been immense challenges for all …

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new spring 2021

New Products for May 2021

After an unusually cold start, with one of the coldest and driest Aprils on record, we are finally starting to see a little more sunshine and the temperature is slowly …

Bedroom Comfort

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national bed month

Coming To Terms With Sleep Disturbance

With March being National Bed Month, I thought I’d use today’s piece to discuss my experiences with a natural human function that continues to evade me… sleep. Y’know what’s really …

Travel Mobility Tips

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CareCo Zoom Travel Mobility Scooter

Our Best Selling Travel Mobility Scooter – Buy Online or Test Drive In Store

A great mobility scooter for Spring and Summer is the CareCo Zoom Mobility Scooter, which is ideal for days out or going on holiday. What makes the CareCo Zoom Mobility …

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is CareCo open?

CareCo Remains Open To Support You in Lockdown 3

Is CareCo open? Yes, we are! Last night Boris Johnson made an announcement to inform us that England needs to go into a third lockdown to help beat coronavirus. CareCo …