Keeping Warm at Home

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When freezing temperatures start to creep in, the elderly and very young can be very vulnerable. Keeping warm is absolutely vital – not only will it keep your immune system in great shape for fighting off colds and flu, but warmth can be especially soothing for those who suffer with poor circulation or regularly feel the strain of sore joints and muscles. Some people, especially those who live alone, may not be able to afford to keep their central heating on all day, or simply might not have a central heating system installed in their house. There are, however, other ways to keep warm without breaking the bank or inefficiently warming a whole house. Below, we break down a few CareCo products designed to keep you warm and comfortable in the house.

Heated Products for the Home

WiseLift EnduraLux Leather Dual Motor Riser Recliner: The WiseLift offers the usual benefits of a top-of-the-range riser recliner, but with an added heat and massage function to really step up the comfort level. Perfect not only for relief to sore and aching muscles, but also for warming up on those chilly winter days.

Infrared Heated Blanket: The cold weather can really play havoc with your circulation, especially if you already suffer blood flow-related problems. This Infrared Heated Blanket will keep you warm and cosy, and the FAR technology is shown to improve circulation, relieve muscle pain and help to rebuild injured tissue. There’s only a 12w consumption level too, so it’s a viable alternative to leaving your central heating on all day!

Deluxe Massage Foot Warm

The Deluxe Massage Foot Warmer is ideal for keeping your toes toasty over winter.

Deluxe Massage Foot Warmer: The extremities (your hands, feet and head) are the most vulnerable parts of the body when the cold really starts to creep in. This luxurious massage heater is fleece-lined and features two powerful motors for separate heat and massage control.

Trento Heat and Massage Swivel Recliner: Swivel recliners offer a more contemporary take on the traditional riser recliner, with a more streamlined and modern style. The Trento also offers a heat and massage function to keep you warm and relaxed, which can be especially comforting for those who experience soreness and stiffness in their muscles and joints during the colder months.

Microwavable Slippers and Neck Warmer Set: What could feel better than cosy feet and neck in winter? This handy foot and neck warmer is heated in the microwave before use. Easy and effective.

Neck and Shoulder Heat Pad: If you suffer from a stiff neck that’s made worse by a chill, then this is a great way to keep your neck warm. This does not need to be plugged in, heat energy is stored inside the crystals and is released when it is clicked.



Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder and managing director of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grass roots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.