Keeping Warm at Home

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When freezing temperatures start to creep in, the elderly and very young can be very vulnerable. Keeping warm is absolutely vital – not only will it keep your immune system in great shape for fighting off colds and flu, but warmth can be especially soothing for those who suffer with poor circulation or regularly feel the strain of sore joints and muscles. Some people, especially those who live alone, may not be able to afford to keep their central heating on all day, or simply might not have a central heating system installed in their house. There are, however, other ways to keep warm without breaking the bank or inefficiently warming a whole house. Below, we break down a few CareCo products designed to keep you warm and comfortable in the house.

Heat and Warming Products

Staying warm at night is crucial to a good night’s sleep during the cold winter months. Most of us will resort to sticking the heating on, but leaving it on all night can be very expensive, especially with the rising cost of utilities. To counteract this many people will choose to put layers on, but this can be uncomfortable to sleep in and may result in getting too warm. The cold weather can really play havoc with your circulation, especially if you already suffer blood flow-related problems. Fortunately, there are ways you can keep warm and toasty during the evening without extortionate bills or discomfort.

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Electric Blankets

If heated clothing still feels too restrictive or is overly warm, then you may want to consider heated bed accessories instead. Items like a Comfi Heated Blanket can provide additional warmth without needing to add more clothing. The over blanket is soft to the touch and has six heat settings, so you avoid getting too hot. Whereas the under blanket has three settings, but can act as mattress protector as well. No matter which one you choose you’ll stay warm at night even with lightweight pyjamas.

Electric Foot Warmersnight

The extremities (your hands, feet and head) are the most vulnerable parts of the body when the cold really starts to creep in. This luxurious massage heater is fleece-lined and features two powerful motors for separate heat and massage control.

Staying warm at night isn’t only about when we’re asleep, it’s also essential to stay warm for those late nights in front of the telly. One of the areas of the body that goes cold quickest is the feet. Not only will body heat escape here, but it can be uncomfortable and even painful when very cold. The Comfi Foot Warmer is a both fleece lined and electronically heated, so you can regulate it to the perfect heat for your feet or save energy and use the lining alone. As an added bonus you can remove the inner lining and machine wash it, preventing it getting dirty or smelly over time.

What could feel better than cosy feet and neck in winter? This handy foot and neck warmer is heated in the microwave before use. Easy and effective. For many people, once they’re asleep they’re out like a light, no matter the temperature. The tricky part is getting to sleep in the first place. Simple accessories like these are great for staying warm just before you drift off. This particular set can – unsurprisingly – be put in the microwave to be heated up. Then place it against you for a gentle, soothing heat. The warmth also helps alleviate aches and pains that may otherwise keep you awake when you want to get to sleep at night.

Comfi Heated Luxury Cosy

Comfi Heated Luxury CosyAnother great way to stay warm without firing up the central heating system is with a heated cardigan. Our Comfi Heated Luxury Cosy works like an electric blanket, but is worn like a shawl or cardigan. Just put it over your shoulders, button it up and switch on. It plugs into the mains, so no need to charge it up in advance, and even when not switched on it will keep you warm.

Heated Seating

woman in a recliner chair The WiseLift EnduraLux Leather Dual Motor Riser Recliner offers the usual benefits of a top-of-the-range riser recliner, but with an added heat and massage function to really step up the comfort level. Perfect not only for relief to sore and aching muscles, but also for warming up on those chilly winter days.

The Trento Heat and Massage Swivel Recliner offers a more contemporary take on the traditional riser recliner, with a more streamlined and modern style. The Trento also offers a heat and massage function to keep you warm and relaxed, which can be especially comforting for those who experience soreness and stiffness in their muscles and joints during the colder months.


CareCo Hot Water Bottle with Knitted Cover

CareCo Hot Water Bottle with Knitted Cover This small hot water bottle with knitted cover is great for warming hands, neck or just keeping on your lap under a blanket. It is great if you need to warm up cold joints too.