Planning Your Great Escape – Stay Safe And Stay Active

escape isolation on a mobility scooter

Now that most Covid restrictions have been lifted many people are starting to venture out for the first time in over two years. Many are still very worried about being exposed to Covid, but the general advice is that if you are vaccinated and continue to take measures to protect yourself with a mask, then you can start to live a more normal life again. Spring is in the air, and it won’t be long now before we can all get out and enjoy the lovely weather.

So, now is the perfect time to start planning your great escape to freedom. Get set up and ready to hit the streets, the parks and the beaches again as soon as the government gives the all clear, so have your walking frames dusted off, and your mobility scooters and powerchairs fully charged and ready to go.

Best New Mobility Scooters for Summer 2022

We have launched some great new mobility scooters this year that are already proving to be a real hit with our customers, and our Vega RS8 and Corvus Rapide scooters are great all-rounders.

Fellman Chaser 100 Mobility Scooter

mobility scooter in park with horses
Fellman Chaser 100

The Fellman Chaser is our most powerful mobility scooter to date, and makes light work of parkland, bridleways and hills. With twin 2200 Watt motors powered by high quality 100Ah batteries, this scooter leaves all others standing.

The Fellman Chaser is a road legal scooter too, with lights, horn, max speed limit of 8mph and all other road requirements. Its large chair provides superior comfort too, so this is one of the best scooters to grab to get out into the countryside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine!

Li-Tech Neon

woman riding a compact mobility scooter
Li-Tech Neon

If you don’t need the power of the Fellman and prefer a lightweight scooter, the Li-Tech Neon is just the ticket. With an aluminium frame and lightweight lithium battery, this is one of the lightest scooters you can find with a 220 Watt motor and 37Ah batteries. Once dismantled its heaviest part is only 9.98kg, so easy to lift into a car boot.

The Li-Tech Neon is not only revolutionary for its lightweight frame, but also it’s amazing range. It can go 30 miles on a full charge, making it one of the best lithium mobility scooters for those that need to go a little further to meeting friends or go shopping. This is one of the best pavement travel scooters of 2020.

Minimus Folding Mobility Scooter

mobllity scooter in garden centre
Minimus Folding Mobility Scooter

If you prefer a folding scooter over a travel (dismantling) one, then our new Minimus Folding Mobility Scooter is the perfect choice. It is the lightest folding scooter in the UK and so easy to use too. Powered with light lithium batteries, it can cover 6 miles on a single charge, which is perfect for shopping trips or a ride to the local park. The most impressive feature is how easy it is to fold down and pack into the car boot. Also, being so small, you can ride it around shops and garden centres too!

Walking Aids

If your legs are still relatively strong, but you just need a little support, then a walking aid is the best option to get you outside again after the lockdown. We think the best walking aids are rollators with seats. These 4 wheeled walking aids have seats that you can use to rest on, and many come with storage for your shopping, picnics or anything else you wish to carry.

Atlas Lightweight Rollator

lady sitting on a 4 wheel zimmer frame
Atlas Lightweight Rollator

If you were inspired by Captain Tom, then you might be interested in the Atlas Lightweight Rollator, which is almost identical to the one he used . It provides excellent stability while also being very light, which makes it ideal for those longer walks, as well as getting safely around your house and garden.

The Atlas has a canvas seat, which is great when you need to take a break. It also folds away, and at 7.6kg (17 pounds) is easy to lift, so perfect for taking out in the car.

Tuni Prism For The Fashion Conscious

woman going out with a zimmer frame
Tuni Prism

If you want something more colourful that comes with a bag, the Tuni Prism Outdoor rollator is a modern take on the Zimmer frame on wheels, with a choice of pink, burgundy and silver frames and floral design on the bag. This is a rollator for people who want to look good when stepping out.

Remember to have a face mask handy if you plan to enter any busy areas, and keep some hand sanitiser on you too. Stay safe, and stay active.