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Spring is the Perfect Season For Mobility Scooters

March 20, 2024 -
Man riding a mobility scooter in sunny park

Spring is finally here, and what better way to celebrate springtime than to get outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine?

We have some great new mobility scooters this year that are prefect for shopping, sightseeing and exploring nature, so if you're looking for a new scooter for 2024, read on! Spring really is the perfect time of year to get out on a mobility scooter.

Winter is often too cold and wet, summer can be very hot and the best places are always crowded, and our autumns seem to be getting wetter every year, but spring is always sunny, often dry and usually a comfortable temperature for going out.

If you already have a mobility scooter, now is the time to check it over - for some advice read our article on preparing your mobility scooter for spring.

What To Do In Spring?

bluebell woodland wallk After spending months indoors watching the gloomy weather through the window it is easy to forget all the wonderful things you can do in March, April and May.

Many people only start planning their days out in the summer months, and end up missing the best part of the year! Don't make that mistake - plan your spring now.

Spring Flowers

Our parks, woodlands and gardens all come alive in spring. If you are lucky enough to have some accessible woodland trails nearby, you may be able to get out and experience a sea of blue bells on the woodland floor.

Britain is home to the bluebell  - we have around 40% of the world's bluebells, they really are something special. Bluebells are at their best in late April and May. The National Trust has produced a guide to bluebell walks.

Mid-march is the best time to enjoy wild daffodils as well as those cultivated for gardens. Many of our open gardens and country houses will be springing to life in March and April, and this is a great time to enjoy them before the mad summer season arrives. You'll have more room on the paths and there's be no queues in the cafes, so why wait until August?

cherry blossom along a park path Blossom

Blossom is one of the most delightful and underrated natural shows you can experience. For some cultures, such as the Japanese, a good cherry blossom show is an almost spiritual experience, and they might just have a point.

Spring time is a magical time and a the blossom on trees in a park or woodland walk is something everybody needs to experience. Ride beneath the boughs and breathe the sweet blossom scent.

Dawn Chorus

When was the last time you really enjoyed a dawn chorus? As the Spring days get longer the dawn chorus gets louder as birds need to work harder to help raise the new fledglings.

If you are naturally an early riser, rather than watch the TV get out and enjoy a dawn chorus in a local park or woodland. Spring Watch has helped remind us of the wildlife that is active this time of year, but don't just watch it on the TV, get out and enjoy it!

Walk in the Country

A good all-terrain mobility scooter will allow you to take a walk with friends and family, so venture out on the paths and tracks. Always follow accessible routes; for ideas on where to go, Walks With Wheelchairs shares many excellent routes you can go on - they test all the walks before publishing.

You should always use a scooter with a longer range than the walk you plan to do, to allow for extra work the motor will have to do on hills and the battery still draining when you are at times stationary.

Easter Festivals

Many open country houses hold Easter festivals, such as Eastertide at Kentwell Hall which is one of their most popular weekends now. You can learn about how the house was run in past times, chat with cooks, dairymaids and gardeners and take a step back into the past. Plus, the gardens will be looking splendid too!


By late spring it will be warm enough to enjoy a picnic, which is the perfect way to enjoy the country side. A picnic is only ever as good as the planning, the equipment and of course, the food, so we've put together some great accessories that make picnicking more enjoyable!

Which Mobility Scooter is Best?

couple riding mobility scooters in woodland park If you want to adventure this spring you really need  a mobility scooter with a good, powerful motor and a larger battery.

Small travel scooters will struggle on some paths and over bumpy ground, they also have a shorter range so not idea for going out all day. Of course, if you are driving to a location you may have to use a boot scooter

Discover our Best British Mobility Scooters for Spring here. 

Jon Wade
Jon Wade

Jon has been working at CareCo since 2019. He uses his extensive product knowledge to provide insights and advice on the best mobility aids for every occasion.

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