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Large Riser Recliners For Heavy People - Bariatric Chairs

October 23, 2019 -
large strong riser recliners for big overweight people

Most riser recliners only support people of a weight up to 125kg (19 1/2 stone) - anything much beyond this and the motor might struggle to lift the chair up. But we sell a large range of more robust riser recliners that are suitable for overweight and obese individuals who require a little extra support in sitting and standing. Here we run through all out 150kg plus armchair recliners.

Lift Chairs That Support 160kg / 25st 3lbs

These 3 chairs all support people up to 160kg / 25st 3lbs - the Lynton also has massage and heat.

The Wellington

The Wellington's quiet and gentle riser motor takes all the worry out of sitting down and getting up. The real leather upholstery adds additional luxury.

The Lynton 

CareCo are proud to present the Lynton chair featuring a Heat & Massage function, to provide you with a constant soothing heat and relieving massage action for your neck, back and thigh areas.

Riser Recliners For Those 150kg / 23st 9lbs or Over

This is the largest of the categories with a choice of 8 different rise and recline chairs to choose from. This range includes the very stylish Westminster and Oakdale chairs, which provide exceptional comfort and support.

Oakdale 4-Motor Riser Recliner

The Oakdale 4-Motor Riser Recliner puts you in complete control of your comfort, with double the level of customisation compared to regular dual motor riser recliners.

  • Max User Weight (kg): 158.7
  • Order by phone today, online soon

Strada Dual Motor Leather Rise Recliner

Strada Dual Motor Leather Rise Recliner Rest, relax and recuperate with the Strada, a luxurious electric recliner chair with leather upholstery, a dual motor setup and a useful riser feature.

Strong Chair With Heat & Massage

Cromwell Riser Recliner Chair

Thanks to the heat square technology, the Cromwell Electric Riser Recliner Chair can provide a soothing warmth to your lower back and thighs.


Jon Wade
Jon Wade

Jon has been working at CareCo since 2019. He uses his extensive product knowledge to provide insights and advice on the best mobility aids for every occasion.

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