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Adjustable Beds vs Profiling Beds: What's the Difference Between the Two?

June 24, 2019 -
adjustable beds in our Cardiff mobility shop

Adjustable beds and profiling beds have many similarities that may make them seem like two of the same product. However, there are vital differences between them that make them suited for their specific needs and requirements. To help give you a clear picture of which does what here’s a breakdown of their features.

Adjustable Beds

buckingham bed

The primary purpose of an adjustable bed is to provide mobility assistance while still retaining that all important luxury and comfort you get from any other bed. Being able to raise and lower the different section of the frame can assist with getting in and out of bed – helping prevent falls – while also relieving the pressure that can cause pain and discomfort.

Essentially, this is the ideal product for those who have limitations with their mobility but still want retain that independence of movement. However, anyone who simply wants to enhance their sleeping experience may also choose to invest in one. A great demonstration of the capabilities of an electric adjustable bed is the Hampstead.

Like any other model it has the ability to alter the angle of the head, middle and foot of the frame, with the specialised mattress contouring to the shape. The Hampstead, however, can also be raised up entirely, making it incredibly easy to get up from. It’s not only about the technical features though, the Hampstead has also been designed to be practical and luxurious.

This is achieved thanks to its attractive and plush quilted leather upholstery and useful under mattress storage. If it wasn’t for the push of button you’d never know it hid a wealth of discreet adjustability features.

Profiling Beds

Siesta Home Care Electric Bed

A profiling bed has many similarities to an adjustable bed but it has more of a specialised medical focus – hence their presence in hospitals, but they can be used for private care as well. Of course, just like adjustable beds the angle can be altered at various points, which can not only improve comfort and relieve pressure but it can also assist the carer when undertaking tasks.

In addition to the adjustability, most profiling beds have raiseable and lowerable side guards to prevent risk of falling out and also improve access for the carer. Finally, they are typically mounted on wheels and are single width to help with moving location.

The Classic Profiling Bed is a profiling that bed displays all these features and more. Firstly, both the user and carer can adjust the bed with the push of the button on the attached handset. This allows total control over the configuration and improved comfort and access for treatment.

To further help with access, the side guards can be dropped down and the whole bed can be wheeled to a more spacious area. An additional and unique feature is the overhead handle. This provides the user with a means of hoisting themselves up without assistance if they still have the necessary upper body strength, further increasing opportunities for comfort and access.

Ultimately, the type of electric bed you choose will come down to the level of assistance you require. If you want to retain your independence then an adjustable is probably going to be right for you. However, if you have more significant care needs then the more specialised design of a profiling bed will be of greater benefit.

Buy adjustable beds and profiling care beds from our mobility bedroom shop. Remember to protect your adjustable bed mattress with a CareCo mattress cover & protector.

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