Featured Bedding Accessories to Make Your Life Easier


Everyone should be able to find a place of sanctuary in their bed. Comfort and relaxation shouldn’t be affected by a medical condition or general discomfort. To make sure that you can always escape to a stress-free place of comfort CareCo offer a wide variety of bedding accessories. Here are just few picks that can help in all variety of needs.

Bedding Accessories for Protection

Accidents happen. This can be down to a spill of drink or perhaps due to an incontinence related condition. These products can help you in these situations:

DryTec Waterproof Bedding Set

ThDryTec Waterproof Bedding Sete DryTec Waterproof Bedding Set is an attractive and discreet way to help with night-time accidents. The soft texture and pleasant colours disguise its functional properties as ordinary cotton sheets. In reality, you’ll be protected against any moisture that finds its way onto the sheets. This obviously includes protection against incontinence, but it’s also useful if you sweat during the night – helpful during summer – as well helping prevent build-up of dust mites and other particulates. Additionally, buying as a total set saves 10% on the cost.

Wipeable Pillow

ThWipeable Pillow beddinge Wipeable Pillow is an excellent accompaniment to the DryTec bedding, but even without the pillow case this pillow can protect against substances accumulating. If you find that hair and dust can causes you to sneeze or breathe heavy at night this pillow will make keeping it clean much easier, ideal if you have allergies. This functionality doesn’t make the material harsh and uncomfortable, however, the polyester hollowfibre is still comforting to rest your head against.

Bedding Accessories for Comfort

Comfort is usually priority number one when it comes to our beds. This innovative product can enhance the comfort of one of the overlooked areas:

Luxor Cooling Gel Comfort Pillow

If Luxor Cooling Gel Comfort Pillow beddingyou struggle with finding a comfortable pillow then the Luxor Cooling Gel Comfort Pillow could be the solution. You’ll notice straight away that Luxor has a large blue grid on the surface. This is filled with a gel that cools as you placed your head on it, so no awkward flipping to get that cooling relief. The Luxor is also made from memory foam that will contour to your head shape perfectly, helping prevent neck strain. You can of course still place the Luxor in a pillow cover and you’ll still get the same benefits. You can even place it on top of an ordinary pillow to provide extra height if needed.

Bedding Accessories for Accessibility

For those with a physical restriction accessibility can be real struggle when it comes to the bed, but an adjustable bed or profiling bed may be too costly. However, this simple and affordable bedding accessory can offer alternative assistance:

Sure Support Bed Rail

TSure Support Bed Rail beddinghe Sure Support Bed Rail brings bedroom accessibility to those with limited budgets. The rail is attached across the frame of the bed underneath the mattress, providing a very secure grab bar to help you in and out of bed. To make sure it’s always within reach the height of the rail can be adjusted using the push pins in the legs. As an added bonus, there is a pouch located on the outside to store and reading material or remotes you might want at hand. If you need that helping hand Sure Support Bed Rail may be just what you’re looking for.

These are just a small selection of our bedroom products from our bedroom mobility shop.