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Atlas Lightweight Rollator

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4.9 / 5

If your mobility isn't what it was, the Atlas offers all the support you need to boost your confidence and put the joy back into getting out and about. This lightweight aluminium rollator is great for indoor use, but it really comes into its own outdoors with a sturdy frame and larger wheels to deal with tricky terrain. Add a comfy seat and a large storage bag, and you've got all the ingredients for an easier everyday.

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Compact but sturdy for everyday use

The Atlas is one of the most sturdy, durable and compact rollators on the market. It's a great combination and it means you can take it anywhere and get around safely and confidently both at home and further afield. The clever folding mechanism allows it to fold to less than 20cm (8”) wide, so slipping it into the boot or behind the front seat of even the smallest car will be faff-free. And as an aluminium rollator, the Atlas is lighter than its competitors but stronger, too. It safely supports up to 21st 6lbs, with a carry weight of merely 7.5kg.


durable and stable

Durable and stable

Larger wheels to handle uneven surfaces

stop for a break

Stop for a break

The integrated seat provides a comfortable place to rest

detachable bag

Detachable bag

Ideal for shopping or just to store your essentials

Clever design for complete convenience

A rollator is handy around the house but even more useful when you're out and about. It's a good thing then that the Atlas folds into such a compact package. There’s always space to take it along whether you are going by car, bus, train or even plane, and at just 7.5kg (17lb) it’s manageable if you need to lift it into the boot or up to a luggage rack.

Adjustable height and ergonomic design

In the past, some mobility aids had to be endured instead of enjoyed, helping you to get around but leaving you with sore wrists and a backache. Not so with the Atlas. You can adjust the height from 79-92cm (31”-36”) to get it just right for better posture and less strain on your back. Ergonomic handles minimise any pressure on your wrists, while the loop brake controls are designed for arthritic fingers.

The most comfy rollator to sit on

There’s nothing unusual about a rollator with its own seat – in fact, most have one. But while others provide a place to rest your feet and nothing more, the thoughtfully designed Atlas offers a genuinely comfortable and supportive place to perch. Locking brakes make sure you stay put when you're sitting down, too.

Product Specs
Carry Weight (kg) 7.5
Folded Width (cm) 28
Front Wheel Size (cm) 20.3
Product Weight (kg) 7.6
Rear Wheel Size (cm) 17.8
Seat Depth (cm) 23
Seat Height (cm) 53
Seat Width (cm) 45
Height (cm) 79-92
Length (cm) 69
Width (cm) 67
User Specs
Max User Weight (kg) 136
  • Dimensions
  • A. 79-92cm
  • B. 69cm
  • C. 67cm

This walking aid's features include









Height Adjustable


Assembly Guide

Happy to assemble this product yourself?
Here's our guide


Assembly Time:

15 mins


Some assembly required

People Required:

1 Person(s)


Or why not let us take care of all the heavy lifting for you?

Just choose Home Assembly at checkout.

Youtube Video Component Atlas Rollator Assembly Video

What’s in the box?


Battery Charger

Your scooter battery charger will turn off automatically when charging is complete, so you don't have to worry.


Spare Key

A spare key is always provided with our scooters.


Shopping Basket

Fitted with a decent size basket or seat bag, so shopping on your scooter is a breeze.

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All your questions answered
Can I fold up to put on airplane?
Will it go on airplane?
The Atlas Lightweight Rollator does fold, but you would need to check with your individual airline if they accept these items. Thank you for your question Keith!
Can you tell me if the bag has a shoulder strap?
Can you tell me if the bag has a shoulder strap?
The Bag that comes with the Atlas Lightweight Rollator does come with a shoulder strap. Thank you for your question!
Does a carry bag come with the Atlas?
Does a carry bag come with the Atlas?
Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately the Atlas Rollator does not come with a carry bag.
Could you tell me what the folded depth dimensions are?
I would like the same info on the the Breeze 8 Height Adjustable Rollator Product Code WA01066As they fold in different directions one looks side to side and the other i presume is back to front although the video does not show thisBut it does look similar to the Careco Glider The all important question for me is how much space I need to fit either of the above in a somewhat small space It is difficult yo use the boot as my husband already has a an automatic collapsible mobility scooter there already Thanks Roz Norris
Thank you for your enquiry. The Atlas Rollator has the following folded dimensions: Length: 69cm, Height: 79cm and Width: 28cm. The folded dimensions of the Breeze 8 Rollator are: Length: 70cm, Height: 78cm and Width: 30cm.
Seat height?
What is the seat height please?
Thank you for your enquiry. The seat height of the Atlas Rollator is 53cm.
I am 65inches tall, is this rollator big enough for me?
to push without having to bend and get backache
The atlas would be suitable for you. You would not need to bend your back to use this rollator.Thank you for your question.
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