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The Lightest Mobility Scooters - Make Travel Easier With a Lightweight Scooter

February 21, 2024 -
woman carrying a light mobility scooter

Light mobility scooters are in huge demand and one of the most popular types of scooter we sell. There are essentially two types of light mobility scooter - folding scooters and travel scooters. Because travel scooters break down into separate parts they are still the easiest to transport, but the advancement in lightweight folding scooters is making these more appealing.

Lightweight mobility scooters are only for pavement, indoor and shopping - there are no class 3 (road legal) lightweight scooters on the market. However, with advancements in technology, we could well see one in the near future.

Our lightest scooters are in the folding mobility scooter range. However, while these are the lightest scooters, they do not dismantle so it can be hard to lift into a car boot. The travel scooters, listed below, are easier to transport. Ordered by weight:

Lightest Folding Mobility Scooters

Minimus Folding Mobility Scooter - 17.8kg

  • Product Weight: 17.8kg / 2st 11lbs

This is the lightest mobility scooter by a long way, weighing only 17.8kg. Launched in 2020, it has a 6 mile range from its 12Ah battery that powers a small but efficient 180W motor. It uses a unique fold and slide mechanism that makes if very compact too, being only 65cm long when folded.  


AirFold Pro Carbon Scooter - 19.9kg

  • Product Weight: 19.9kg / 3st 1lbs

Our first carbon based folding scooter weighs 19.9kg. Launched in 2023, it has a 9 mile range from its 10Ah batter, which at 240 Watt-hours is allowed on flights. It has an auto-folding frame to make life even easier. 


Maximus Folding Mobility Scooter

Maximus Folding Mobility Scooter - 22kg

  • Product Weight: 22kg / 3st 6lbs

The Maximus is an expression of progressive functional design, powered by the future thanks to its lithium-ion battery with off board charging and built to boost your freedom with its quick-fold, vertically storable frame.


TravelPro in bag

X-GO TravelPro - 29.7kg

  • Product Weight: 29.7kg / 4st 9lbs
  • Heaviest Part (with seat removed): 21.5kg / 3st 5lbs

The C-Go Pro is a heavier folding mobility scooter, but the seat easily removed to make it much lighter and easier to lift. If you want a folding scooter with the performance of a travel scooter, the C-Go Pro is the perfect choice. Two travel bags are also available to hold the scooter and the seat.

The Lightest Travel Mobility Scooters

Travel mobility scooters are defined as those that can be dismantled for easier transport. They usually break down into 4 or 5 parts that can easily be fitted into a car boot. They are the cheapest and most convenient if you have a car, but if you are travelling on public transport, a folding scooter is often the best option. All these scooters are under 45kg - we have many more that are slightly heavier, so if super-light is not a major criteria in your choice, do look at our whole range of travel mobility scooters and folding mobility scooters. Ordered by weight:


Spectrum out shopping

Li-Tech Spectrum Aluminium Scooter - 33kg

  • Heaviest Part: 9.98kg / 1st 8lbs
  • 4 parts + basket and armrests
  • Product Weight: 33kg / 5st 2lbs

The Li-Tech Sperctrum is our joint lightest travel mobility scooter. It comes with a choice of 10 colour shrouds and is powered by lithium to give a range of 26 miles.


Li-Tech Neon Aluminium Scooter - 33kg

  • Heaviest Part: 9.98kg / 1st 8lbs
  • 4 parts + basket and armrests
  • Product Weight: 33kg / 5st 2lbs

The Li-Tech Neon was our first lightest travel mobility scooter, and the lightest in the UK. It is based on the award-winning Li-Tech Marathon, but built from a super-light aluminium to make it the lightest model possible, while still giving all round suspension, armrests and a very smooth ride.


Li-Tech Air Lithium Scooter - 38kg

  • Heaviest Part: 15kg / 2st 5lbs
  • 4 parts
  • Product Weight: 38kg / 6st 0lbs

This is our lightest travel scooter overall, although it does not beat the CareCo AirLite X for the lightest heaviest part. The lithium-ion battery helps reduce total weight considerably, allowing it to power a 264 Watt motor, which is more powerful than most other travel scooters.  


CareCo AirLite X Travel Mobility Scooter - 41kg

  • Heaviest Part: 14.5kg / 2st 3lbs
  • 4 parts
  • Product Weight: 41kg / 6st 6lbs

The CareCo AirLite X is a great little travel scooter that fits in even the smallest car boots. The lightest part is just 14.5kg, which means with a little effort most people can lift it into a car boot. This is one of the easiest to handle travel scooters on the market.


Li-Tech Air + Lithium Scooter - 41kg

  • Heaviest Part: 15kg / 2st 5lbs
  • 4 parts + basket
  • Product Weight: 41kg / 6st 6lbs

Another Li-Tech scooter that benefits from the advancements in battery technology, this scooter is one of the most stylish looking lightweight mobility scooters.


Valour Pink Mobility Scooter - 42.5kg

  • Heaviest Part: 16kg / 2st 7lbs
  • 6 parts
  • Product Weight: 42.5kg /6st 10lbs

The Valour Scooter is one of the only pink mobility scooters you'll find, and also breaks down into the most individual parts.


CareCo Zoom Travel Mobility Scooter - 43kg

  • Heaviest Part: 18kg / 2st 12lbs
  • 4 parts + basket
  • Product Weight: 43kg / 6st 11lbs

The CareCo Zoom is one of our best selling mobility scooters, and still one of the lightest. The scooters dismantles into 4 parts, plus the basket, and the heaviest part is 18kg, heavier than some other scooters, but still lighter than a holiday suitcase.

Advancements in the technology that drives lithium mobility scooters is creating lighter scooters with more range. In theory, within 3 years we should see scooters with a 50 mile range hitting the UK market.

Jon Wade
Jon Wade

Jon has been working at CareCo since 2019. He uses his extensive product knowledge to provide insights and advice on the best mobility aids for every occasion.

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