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The Li-Tech Range of Lithium-Ion Powered Travel Scooters

March 27, 2018 -

One of our most popular mobility scooter ranges is the Li-Tech travel scooter trio. One of the reasons these scooters are so popular is down to their lithium-ion batteries. But what makes these batteries so good? And what else can these scooters provide?

What Can Lithium-Ion Batteries Offer?

Before jumping into looking at the Li-Tech scooters themselves it’s worth knowing what their lithium-ion batteries can offer, and why lithium mobility scooters are so popular. The reason lithium-ion batteries are so good in a travel scooter is because of their ability to hold a much greater energy capacity within a small package. This means that a battery can have a substantial amount of travel range while still be compact and lightweight – exactly what you want with a travel scooter. Another benefit of lithium-ion batteries is their ability to charge much faster than other types, adding much needed convenience to busy modern life. Remarkably, despite their rapid charging lithium-ion batteries do not deteriorate as fast as other battery types, saving money in replacements in the long run.Li-Tech Air

The Li-Tech Range

Li-Tech Air

The base model in the range is the Li-Tech Air. Starting with the power source, the 11Ah lithium-ion batteries are capable of getting you up to six miles in travel distance. Ideal for exploring local areas and taking the scooter abroad. They can also be charged separately from the body of the scooter. As portability is an essential part of any travel scooter the Air has embraced its name fully by having a maximum weight of just 38kg. This can be made even more manageable thanks to its next-generation spitting mechanism, which lets you separate the scooter into five parts. Not only does this make the heaviest part only 15kg, but it also makes packing the scooter into a small space much easier as you can organise it in the most densely packed way. And the extra features don’t stop there Despite being a travel scooter the Li-Tech Air has a full suspension system, a rarity in this category. The suspension provides a smoother ride as each wheel can soak up bumps independently. This prevents any sudden jolts or potential loss of control if one wheel is disturbed by uneven terrain, giving you confidence behind the handlebars.

Li-Tech Air+

Li-Tech Marathon The Li-Tech Air+ shares the vast majority of its design with the Air. The only significant change is that the battery capacity is increased form the original 11Ah up to more generous 20Ah. This does result in an extra 2kg in total weight, but for that extra mass you get a superior range of 11 miles. So, if you live in bigger town it may be worth spending a little extra for the larger battery.

Li-Tech Marathon

The Li-Tech Marathon once again inherits most of its design from its travel scooter siblings – other than its understated grey colour scheme – but its name drops a pretty strong hint about where it differs. Once again, the battery capacity is increased, this time to a sizeable 30Ah. This gives a more than sufficient range of 26 miles, so you’ll rarely find yourself hastily searching for a plug socket. You may think that this large increase in capacity means much more weight, but thanks to some engineering witchcraft the Marathon is contained within the same 41kg package as the Air+. Whether you’re looking for a short-range scooter to get to the shops and back, or a personal vehicle to help you explore further there is a Li-Tech lithium-ion scooter for you.

Will Harrison
Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grassroots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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