Setting Up Your Bath for an Accessible Bathing Experience

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We’ve spoken a lot on this blog about individual bathing products and their benefits, such as how they can provide safety or independence. However, by combining the right selection of bath products you can make every bathing experience accessible for all eventualities. To give you some inspiration for your bathroom here’s an example of how certain products can be used, whether separately or together.

Using a Bath Lift as the Centrepiece of Your Bathing Experience

Elixir Bath Lift

Elixir Bath Lift bathing experienceWe’ve spoken about what a bath lift can offer before, but they really are the most beneficial bath aid when it comes to improving accessibility. If we take the Elixir Bath Lift as an example it’s plain to see how it can help. Being able to simple sit on the edge of the bath then slide on to the raised bath lift takes away one of the most dangerous movements in the bathroom: stepping over the edge of the tub.

Once seated you can use the easy to understand handset to lower yourself smoothly and gently into the water – and of course it can raise you up as well. As an added feature to help you relax during your bathing experience, the Elixir can recline down to an angle of 85 degrees. So, even if you require a bath lift you won’t be restricted to sitting bolt upright when you want to have an indulgent soak in the tub. This bath lift also comes with replacement covers which makes it last many years longer than some others.

Low Cost Bath Accessories to Help Accessibility

Florika Grab Bar

Florika Grab Bar bathing experiencesA bath lift can massively transform the accessibility of your bath, but even simple additions like a grab bar can make your bathing experience easier. A product like the Florika Grab Bar can provide a sturdy surface to hold onto when you need to steady yourself while adjusting your position. This is hugely useful if you have balance or core strength issues. As an added bonus, the Florika Grab Bar is attractively patterned to avoid making your bathroom feel too clinical. It’s also available in two sizes – 12” and 18” – depending on available space.

Comfi Anti-Slip Mat with Pillow

Comfi Anti - Slip Mat with Pillow bathing experienceStability during movement is just one part of making the bathtub more accessible, staying secure on the wet bathtub surface is another. The Comfi Anti-Slip Mat with Pillow can give you traction underfoot as well as grip and comfort when lying back in the bath. Combined with a grab bar you can always feel safe and stable during your bathing experience. You can even install the mat underneath a bath lift for when a user who doesn’t need the lift takes a bath, but still requires a small amount of assistance with accessibility.

An Accessory to Help You Bathe Thoroughly

Easi Reach Bath Brush

Easi Reach Bath Brush bathing experiencesGetting comfortable in your tub is one part of the bathing experience but having a thorough wash is what it’s all about. If you have trouble with flexibility it can be difficult – and maybe uncomfortable – trying to wash areas such as your back. The Easi Reach Bath Brush has a long, ergonomically designed handle to give you the extra reach and angle to be able to thoroughly clean yourself. The soft bristles also make the cleaning effective without being scratchy, preventing your skin from becoming irritated.

These are just but a few bath products from our bathroom mobility shop where you’ll also find our CareCo Bathing Solutions,
which can make you bathing experience much more accessible.