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Li-Tech Marathon

96 % of 100

4.8 / 5

A mobility scooter is all about giving you the freedom to do more – so how about completing a marathon? The record-breaking range of this incredible travel scooter will take you 26 miles without having to stop and recharge. And thanks to its advanced lithium power cells, there is no degradation in performance regardless of the level of charge. Front and rear suspension ensures comfort mile after mile.

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Light, portable and an incredible range

The Li-Tech Marathon is a perfect example of how lithium power is changing the way we think about mobility scooters. It breaks all previous boundaries in terms of range, performance and weight. If you’ve got a sense of adventure, this is the perfect scooter for exploring new places. It splits into five parts in a matter of seconds so is easy to take with you in the car, and is just as easy to reassemble.


Comfort assured

Suspension and adjustable seat to prevent aches and pains

A marathon range

Capable of 26 miles between charges of its lithium batteries

Very manoeuvrable

Nimble and responsive, ideal for buzzing around shops, too!

Everyday convenience for life on the go

You won’t necessarily need to travel 26 miles between charges. But the real advantage of the Marathon’s impressive range is that you’ll never have to spend hours waiting around stranded while it charges. The beauty of lithium batteries is that as with mobile phones, you don’t have to charge them from absolutely empty to absolutely full. Instead, you can pop it on charge for brief periods whenever is convenient. 

Splits into 5 parts for transportation

It’s not just the batteries that are light. The sleek modern frame can be separated into 5 pieces and reassembled again in seconds, with no tools required. It makes it easy to take the Marathon with you when you travel by car. Best of all, the heaviest part weighs just 15kg (33lb) so you won’t need the strength of a bodybuilder or the help of an assistant to lift it in and out of the boot. Ideal for free spirits!

Exeptional comfort all the way

There’s no joy in being able to travel long distances if you arrive sore from jolts, bumps and vibrations. You won’t have to worry about such things with the Li-Tech Marathon. You’ll be well protected by the independent suspension on all four wheels. This smooths your journey regardless of the surface. That’s backed up by a comfy padded seat, on which you can adjust both the height and the position of the armrests.

Battery Size (Ah) 30
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery Brand Samsung
Battery Certification Lithium-ion battery designed to UK / EU regulations
Off Board Charging Yes
Range up to (km) 41.8
Watt Hours 756
Product Specs
Front Wheel Size (cm) 19.1
Ground Clearance (cm) 5
Heaviest Part (kg) 15
Incline Rating (Degrees) 6
Max Speed (km/h) 6
Number of Wheels 4
Product Weight (kg) 41
Rear Wheel Size (cm) 19.1
Swivel Seat Yes
Tiller Type Standard
Turning Radius (cm) 125
Tyres Solid
Height (cm) 90
Length (cm) 104.8
Width (cm) 50
User Specs
Max User Weight (kg) 135
  • Unfolded
  • A. 90cm
  • B. 104.8cm
  • C. 50cm

This scooter's features include

Tiller Type










Assembly Guide

Happy to assemble this product yourself?
Here's our guide


Assembly Time:

30 mins


Some assembly required

People Required:

1 Person(s)


Or why not let us take care of all the heavy lifting for you?

Just choose Home Assembly at checkout.

Youtube Video Component Li-Tech Marathon Assembly Video

What’s in the box?



All the important info for your scooter, including assembly instructions if you need them.



Your charger is included, so you can get out and about right away.



Your scooter comes with a spare key, for extra peace of mind.

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All your questions answered
what is the width and depth of seat and can the arms be widened.
I am talking about marathon scooter
Hi BarbaraYes, the arms can be widened. The Seat Depth is 15, and the Seat Width is 17
Can i buy 2nd charger for LiTec Marathon
Re second battery charger for above
Thank you for your question Trevor. Yes you can buy a spare charger, if you give our sales team a call on 0800 111 4774.
Does this scooter have a key
Would just like to know if this scooter comes with a key operation
Yes it does have a key but we also sell alarms for your scooter for added security. Thanks for the question.
What is the ground clearance of this scooter please and would it be suitable
I am trying to compare this abs the red lithium powered scooter.
Thank you for your enquiry. The ground clearance of the Li-Tech Marathon is 5cm. This mobility scooter should be fine for use on bridle paths and tow paths. For more information why not give us a call on 0800 111 4774.
How heavy is the battery as I would need to carry it up two floors and
How heavy is the battery as I would need to carry it up two floors and I assume off board charging means the battery can be changed separate from the scooter? Cheers Tony
Thank you for your enquiry. Yes the Li-Tech Marathon battery can be charged separate from the mobility scooter and weighs 5kg. If you require any further information please do not hesitate getting in touch on 0800 111 4774.
What are the guidelines for what to do if caught out in the rain with your
What parts are and are not waterproof?
Thank you for your enquiry. If caught out in the rain we would suggest using a Mobility Scooter Cape (MS10014) to cover the entire mobility scooter. The seat does not contain any electrical components however the rest of the scooter will have wires and electronics which must be protected from the wet weather. For more information please contact us on 0800 111 4774.
How long does it take to charge the Litech Marathon battery?
How long does it take to charge the Litech Marathon battery?
Thank you for your enquiry. When you first get your mobility scooter the batteries for the Li-Tech Marathon need to be charged for at least 24 hours. After this we recommend charging them for between 8-12 hours. For more information why not call our Sales Team on 0800 111 4774.
Does this model have a key for security
Yes it does have a key but we also sell alarms for your scooter for added security. Thanks for the question.
Swopping seats
Would the higher back seat from the ablize stride fit the li tec marathon should it be required and what difference would it make the overall weight
Thank you for your enquiry. We would not suggest swapping the seats of the Li Tech Marathon as this may cause an unequal distribution of weight that could cause harm to the user or the mobility scooter. If you would like more advise on suitable mobility scooters why not give us a call on 0800 111 4774.
Is this a class 2 scooter?
Just need to know this for where we live
Thank you for your enquiry. Yes this is a Class 2 Mobility Scooter as it can only be used on the pavement.
What is the diameter of the wheels and ground clearance on the Li-Tech
What is the diameter of the wheels and ground clearance on the Li-Tech Marathon Lithium Scooter?
Dear Ian Thank you for your enquiry. The Li Tech Marathon has wheels with diameter of 19cm and a ground clearance of 5cm. Kind Regards CareCo Web Team
Can I leave a deposit for our of stock scooter
Stock due i n 21818
You can pre order, paying for the whole order, and as soon as this product comes back in stock it would be shipped to you, for more info and to order please call the sales line. 0800 111 4774
Seat height
My mum struggles to get on her current scooter as the seat is too high and it is not adjustable Her current seat measures 58cm from the floor to the top of the seat cushion Can this scooter go any lower
Thank you for your question Ania,The Li-Tech Air has 3 available seat heights the minimum being 52cm and the maximum being 56cm (measurement taken from the floor to the top surface of the seat). So therefore this seat height is lower then your mothers current mobility scooters, I can see from your location that Norwich is the closest available showroom to you. Your mother would be able to test this scooter there, as well as ask any further questions she may have. You can find details about our showrooms on our website under "find a showroom". I hope this information is useful to you.
What is the width and depth of the seat.

The seat is 43cm wide and 38cm deep.

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