What Sort Of Mobility Help Can You Get For The Bathroom?

Mangar Bathing Cushion

If you struggle with your mobility getting in and out of the bath can be quite difficult and even dangerous. Fortunately with a bath lift you will be able to take a bath without these worries. Bath Lift Chairs are capable of lower a user who wishes to get into the bath from a safe height down into the tub. Then when you have finished bathing the bath lift can lift you back out of the bath. All this is achieved with a gentle powered motor that ensures that you are safe and secure while the bath lift is in motion.

Bellavite Bath LiftA standard bath lift is ideal for use in a normal sized bath tube as it will neatly fit in the middle of the tub and descend easily into the bath. Many of these types of bath lifts are fitted with flaps preventing obstacles like bath handles from stopping the bath lift as it is lowered. Easy to operate you can lower and raise a bath lift by simply pressing a button on the larger and arthritis friendly controller.

Another type of bathroom aid is a bathing cushion. These are different from other bath lifts as instead of relying on a motor to raise or lower a user they instead inflate and deflate using an air pump. This is much more comfortable than a standard bath lift however it takes more time to lower and rise as a result. Like a bath lift a bathing cushion is operated with the use of an easy to use big buttoned controller.

For those who require a more stable and secure mechanism then you might want to consider a bath lift belt. This is a belt that stretches across the width of the bath allowing a user to sit on the belt and then be lowered into the bath by a device fitted to the side of the wall that the bath is next to. As the belt is connected securely to the wall the rising and lowering feature is a lot safer than any other type of bath lift. To control the belt the device fitted to the wall has easy to use controls that you can press to operate.

We also have a rage of CareCo bathroom chairs that make washing and using the bathroom so much easier.