Best British Mobility Scooters for Spring 2021

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Although we are experiencing an unusually cold and dry April, Spring is finally here. The days grow longer and the sun is shining more, so now is the time to start your search for a new mobility scooter. We have some excellent new models this year to tell you about and several are just perfect for some springtime adventures.

Best Mobility Scooters for Travel

If you usually travel in a car before using your mobility scooter, or take one on a plane or train, then you need a good travel scooter.

li-tech air mobility scooter in blue
Li-Tech Air

The Li-Tech Air Lithium Scooter is a fantastic choice if you need a handy scooter that you can put in your car boot. It is one of the lightest mobility scooters on the market and easily dismantled into even lighter parts. It’s easy to drive and very portable, and has a comfortable chair with arms and a basket. It has a 11Ah lithium-ion battery giving it a 7 mile range and a top speed of 4mph, perfect for pavements.

Li-Tech Neon Aluminium Scooter

New in 2020 was the Li-Tech Neon Aluminium Scooter, and this is continuing to be a very popular model. It is the lightest travel mobility scooter in the UK, and is based on the award-winning Li-Tech Marathon but built from a super-light aluminium to make it the lightest model possible, while still giving all round suspension, armrests and a very smooth ride. The heaviest part is only 9.98kg, and when dismantled it is very easy to pick up and store in your car boot.

CareCo Airlite X
CareCo Airlite X

Our cheapest travel mobility scooter is another lightweight model, the CareCo AirLite X. This small, blue scooter breaks down into 4 parts, plus a basket, and the heaviest part weighs just 9.9kg. Its 10Ah battery gives it a 7 mile range, and the 270W motor comfortably drives it at 4mph.

QS4 Electric Folding Scooter
QS4 Electric Folding Scooter

If you are not keen on dismantling a mobility scooter, then you may be interested in an electric folding scooter. The QS4 Electric Folding Scooter is a great little travel scooter than quickly folds up at the press of the button. It comes in classic blue and red and has a range of up to 10 miles, with its 10Ah battery. The light lithium-ion battery can be removed too for charging indoors.

The Abilize Stride Sport has a range of up to 17 miles and runs off a 22Ah battery – double the distance the other travel scooters can achieve. It also has suspension, which makes a much smoother ride. This also makes a great pavement scooter and one of the best lithium mobility scooters.

Best Mobility Scooters for Pavements

CareCo Victory
CareCo Victory

If you never travel with your scooter and use it mostly for local trips to the shops or visiting friends, then a good pavement scooter is the best option. These cannot be dismantled and are a little larger and sturdier than travel scooters. They have bigger batteries too, which means you can more miles from one charge. Because you are not paying for the folding or dismantling technology, you get more scooter for your money with these models.

For 2021 we have launched the X-Go Pinnacle, which is a larger travel scooter providing that pavement scooter level of comfort. Equipped with 34Ah batteries is boasts a range of 22 miles. It is a heavier machine, and the heaviest part is 25kg, so harder to lift into a car boot on your own, but with help or a hoist, it is still a great travel scooter.

The CareCo Victory is a classic pavement scooter. It has a 34Ah battery that gives it a 20 mile range. Front suspension and larger 10 inch wheels makes it a more comfortable ride than the travel scooters. The chair is well padded with arms too.

Abilize Olympian Sport
Abilize Olympian Sport

If you need something with a bigger range, the Abilize Olympian Sport comes with a 50Ah battery giving it a 26 mile range. Full suspension and pneumatic tyres along with a 600W battery ensure a smooth and steady drive.

Best Mobility Scooters for Long Trips and Roads

white mobility scooter in park - Vega RS8The Vega RS8 is our newest standard road mobility scooter that is also great on pavements and in parks. It has a powerful motor and 50Ah battery that gives it an impressive range of 24 miles. With a top speed of 8mph is is perfect for the road, and the speed is also easily adjusted down to 4mph for safe and legal pavement use. The captains chair includes headrest and padded arms to give you a very comfortable ride.

The Corvus Rapide provides even more range than the Vega RS8, managing 30 miles on a fully charged battery. It has 900 Watts of power too, which makes driving in parks and on grass a breeze.

Best Mobility Scooters for Parks and Adventuring

red Fellman Chaser off-road mobility scooterIf you want to get out and explore some countryside or some of our large parks, then the Fellman Chaser 100 is the best mobility scooter for you. It is powered by two 2400W motors and has a 100Ah battery that gives it a range of up to 35 miles (in perfect conditions). It has a high clearance and off-road tyres to make light work of the roughest paths.