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Exploring our Range of Walking Aids To Improve Mobility and Lifestyle

July 09, 2014 -

If you truggle with your mobility but don't require a mobility or wheelchair, a walking aid may be a great alternative. There are a number of different types of walking aids each with their own strengths such as a Rollators, Tri Walkers, Zimmer frames and classic Crutches or Walking Sticks.

To help you better understand these and pick the best one for your needs we have given a breakdown of all the benefits of each walking aid.

Walking Frames / Zimmer Frames

Commonly called Zimmer frames, these are the classic frames without wheels, or just two front wheels, to provide support and balance when walking. They are best suited for use indoors where there are fewer bumps and obstacles. Glider ferrules can be used to help them slide across carpets. 


woman walking with a blue tri-walkerVery simple to use and fitted with three wheels Tri Walkers are an easy and cost effective walking aid which allows you to maintain your independence.

A Tri Walker Walking Aid will give you the support you need due to its sturdy design but is also easy to push, allowing you to remain upright while you walk.

To prevent you losing your balance and to maintain safety Tri Walkers possess a brake fitted generally underneath the ergonomically designed handles which allows you to halt your Tri Walker if you feel you are losing your balance or need to stop suddenly.

Many Tri Walkers will have a bag attached to it which lets you store your essentials or shopping. Modern tr-walkers have modern stylish and sleek designs.


Unlike Tri Walkers which have three wheels, Rollators have four wheels. While larger in size, Rollators come with a number of features which Tri Walkers do not have.

Some Rollators come with a seat which is helpful if you become tired when out an about, simply stop, apply your Rollator’s brakes and sit down while you get your energy back.

Another useful feature that Rollators have are either a tray or bag which lets you take with you everything you need when venturing outdoors.

Walking Sticks, Canes and Crutches

stylish walking stickFor those who need help walking but still possess a certain amount of balance then there are also a whole host of different walking aids that can help.

Walking sticks and canes are a light and easy to use walking aid that can be easily transported for instance in a car, useful for long days out. 

Modern sticks can be folded up for easier storage and come in many styles and colours. 

Quad Canes can be helpful where the users just needs something that they can lean one while on the move. They provide more support and can stand up in place too. 

Finally, crutches are handy for those who require extra support due to a loss of use or weaker leg. Cost efficient and easier to transport, walking aids are a great way to still get about without the need for getting an expensive and cumbersome Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair.

If you wish to discuss what walking aid will best suit your needs do not hesitate contacting sales for further advice, or visit our walking aids shop online.

Will Harrison
Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grassroots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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