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CareCo Insurance and Extended Warranty

July 11, 2014 -

With a growing “compensation culture” that has developed in the last few years the need to have Insurance and Warranty covering items such as mobility scooters and wheelchairs has become even more essential. While we would all like to conduct our day to day business without the worry and stress of causing damage to others, accidents do happen and when this happens we need to be able to protect ourselves and the people around us. By ensuring that you insure your mobility scooter, wheelchair, riser recliner, bath lift or powerchair you can have the peace of mind that even where something goes wrong you can rest assure that your insurance will cover you. At CareCo we offer a number of different Insurance and Warranty options designed to safeguard against breakdown and accidental damage, please call for details.


The benefit of extending the warranty on your mobility scooter or wheelchair is that it will cover your scooter if it breakdown within the extended time period. If this happens you can have your mobility scooter or wheelchair repaired so that it is fully working again. Unfortunately unlike with insurance you are not covered for accidental damage and you will not be protected by damaged caused to other. Additionally there is no call out service available so if your scooter breaks down while out and about you will not be able to get it repaired until you are back at your home.

Standard Insurance

It is a common misconception that your mobility scooter is covered by your home insurance. This is actually not true, like with car insurance you will not be able to claim for your mobility scooter if accidents occur. For this reason it is vital that you insure your mobility scooter or wheelchair to protect yourself against damage and liability with an insurance plan. The Standard Insurance offered by CareCo offers a whole package designed to safeguard you when using your Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair such as covering accidental damage and offering personal liability protection for damage caused to others. Other helpful additions to this plan include a 24/7 breakdown recovery for both accidents, battery failure and punctures, and also being covered for loss of key, damaged personal effects and vets or dental fees.

Multi-Year Discounts

To provide even greater protection there are also options to take out insurance for 2 or 3, and extend your warranty to 3 or 4 years. Don’t leave yourself exposed, insuring yourself may seem like an unnecessary cost but when you consider what could happen as a result of an accident having it could be the only way to protect yourself. If you would like to know more about our products do not hesitate contacting one of our discount mobility experts on 0333 015 5000 for further advice.

Will Harrison
Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grassroots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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