Summer Mobility Scooter Review: Strider Sport

Abilize stride sport

Have you seen our brand new Summer 2016 Range? It features the best scooters and powerchairs for getting out and about and enjoying the (hopefully) sun-drenched days ahead – like the Strider Sport disability scooter, our new pavement scooter.

We all like to explore over the summer. Holidays and days out with friends and family are the order of the day, so you’ll be looking for your mobility scooter to be a high-performing, comfortable and reliable accessory for your life. That’s exactly why we love the Strider Sport so much.

Abilize Strider Sport 2 _carecoTravel in Comfort with Suspension

When you’re covering long distances over summer, taking on all kinds of terrain, you need to be sure that you’ll stay comfortable. The Strider Sport’s suspension system acts to absorb the shock of the impact when you travel over rough and uneven surfaces, before pushing the tyre back into the surface. This not only helps you to maintain effortless control over the scooter, but when you reach your destination you’ll find that you are free from the aches and pains commonly associated with other mobility scooters. You’ll be impressed by the overall handling of the Strider Sport. The delta tiller bar is highly responsive and comfortable on the hands even if you struggle with your dexterity, while the electromagnetic braking system offers a level of reassurance sometimes missing from other scooters. With the small turning radius of just 145 cm / 7 inches, manoeuvring around tight corners and in limited spaces is nothing to worry about.

Go Further with Extended Range

Summer brings longer days, so if you want to make the most of the daylight hours on your mobility scooter then you’ll need a somewhat more impressive battery capacity. The Strider Sport mobility scooter incorporates a 22Ah battery pack that will take you an impressive 27 km / 17 miles between charges. It’s detachable too, so you can store your scooter wherever is most convenient for you and still charge your battery at any mains access point.Abilize Strider 2 _careco
If you are out when the sun sets, the LED headlight and dual rear lights will help you to be seen and to get home safely.

The Strider Sport is highly transportable too, which is great for those summer breaks. The splitting mechanism allows for tool-free disassembly – you’ll end up with five lightweight parts which will slot comfortably into the boot of most cars.

Intuitive, comfortable and convenient, the Strider Sport won’t let you down this summer. Find it and other options in our mobility scooters shop.