Our Range of CareCo Bed Accessories

Bed Accessories

Here at CareCo, we believe everybody deserves and needs a good night of sleep. We also believe it shouldn’t be a struggle to get into and out of bed for anybody. Those with the lowest mobility often struggle to engage in this simple act. It need not be a chore just getting in at night and out in the morning, or whenever you simply feel you need a short nap. The following CareCo bed mobility accessories can help anyone, no matter how mild or severe their disability, to enjoy this simple freedom.

The Leglifter

Even when paying the best due care and attention injuries are possible when trying to get in and out of bed. Even carpeted surfaces can lead to sprained ankles and breakages. Why not remove that risk with the Leglifter? This electronic device sits under the bed and inflates to allow a user to ease into or out of bed. Designed to prevent back injuries, it can help reduce the daily stress and anxiety caused by concern about such injuries and loss of mobility. As it is inflatable, it takes up minimal space when not in use. This is a great alternative to harder, more cumbersome bed lifters in the range of CareCo bed mobility accessories.

Bed AccessoriesMobility Bed Rail

We feel this is one of the most diverse mobility gadgets ever invented. CareCo bed mobility accessories don’t get more useful than this. It looks like any other bed rail. It attaches to the side of the bed, preventing you from falling out of bed in the night. That is not its only function, however. This device contains extendable legs so you can use it to get in and out of bed, putting much more weight on it than other types of bed rail. It’s a multi-use device with a pocket for keeping your valuables in easy reach (such as your mobile phone). Finally, it has a third arm that pivots. The purpose of this is to aid transfer to and from a wheelchair.

Bed Support Ladder

Are you looking for simple but effective? Do you have a good general upper body strength but struggle with your back? If so, then perhaps the Bed Support Ladder is an ideal CareCo bed mobility accessory for you. It’s a simple strap device that attaches to the foot of the bed or a secure point near to it. All you need to do is take a firm hold of the strap and use it to stabilise your body as you pull yourself up into a sitting position or adjust your body to move across the bed. It’s small, lightweight, inexpensive and doesn’t take too much space.

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