A Classic High Back Fireside Chair Gives Long-Term Comfort


Picture the scene: a log fire, a mug of tea or coffee, or a glass of whisky with your feet up on a footrest. Is there anything in life more relaxing? Fireside chairs may seem a little old-fashioned to some, but they’ve never really gone out of fashion. People of all ages enjoy these chairs at night or the weekend. We’ve recently expanded our range of this important item of furniture. Here are some of our favourite CareCo fireside chairs.

The Dorset

Part of our new range, the Dorset Fireside Chair is a great affordable chair. We know our customers want comfort and support; the Dorset fireside chair achieves just that without an eye-watering price tag. It’s carefully designed for ergonomic purposes, contains extra padding for knee and leg relief. Some types of chair are not comfortable on the backs of the legs. Avoid numb bums, stiff legs and other symptoms of prolonged periods of sitting. The unique filling retains heat without getting too hot – comfort no matter the season. The Dorset comes in two colour options – beige and mink.

Mulberry Fireside ChairThe Mulberry

Another new item in the range of CareCo fireside chairs, we like the Mulberry CareCo Fireside Chair for its classic design and the fact it comes with a footstool. The benefits of fireside chairs are limited without a footstool but that’s not the only reason we like it. It has a high back, solid frame and elegant construction. Customers may be pleased to know about the optional extra for improved lumbar support. This model combines the best of modern support requirements with the nostalgic aesthetics of yesteryear. Mulberry is available in beige or chocolate.

Comfort at home for elderly and less abled

The Jubilee

Feel like royalty with this regal design that looks as if it has come straight from Queen Victoria’s personal collection. The Jubilee Fireside Chair bright colouring options add a dash of British tradition and class, but looks are not all it has. It’s designed for superior support for the back, neck and spine – focusing deliberately on those people who suffer from such back problems. It’s compact and light so you can make the best use of space, keeping a traditional fireside chair with all the benefits of other types of armchair. The uniquely shaped hand rests make it easy to ease into a seating position or to rise when seated. This comes in biscuit, red, rose and sage.

The Rivington

Rivington Fireside Chair is one of the popular high back CareCo fireside chairs. The 1940s appearance hides the fact that it’s designed with comfort and support primarily in mind. It can hold weight up to 25 stone and comes in two colours – brown and oyster. This model is made to order and you can purchase it in one of three sizes. Please contact us for specific details on sizing. Either way, you’ll see it’s well-made, sturdy and provides all the support you need for your head and spine. It’s one of a handful of models in our range with pocket sprung seating – the same technology in most mattresses so you can only imagine how comfortable it is to sit in.

The Melrose Lifting Chair

Do you like the functionality of a CareCo rise recliner chair but don’t have space or the budget, or simply don’t like the design? No problem! We have a model that combines the comfort and luxury of a fireside chair with the functions of a rise recliner. The Melrose Lifting Fireside Chair has an electronic seat will lift you up from a seated position to make standing simple and lower you again when you want to sit. It’s a modern aesthetic piece, simple, and will not look out of place in any living room. This model is available in six colours.

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