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Featured CareCo Long Reach Gardening Tools

June 21, 2017 -
man using reach garden tool in powerchair

When we get older, we naturally become less mobile. Arthritis, rheumatism and simply the aches and pains of daily life means we struggle to do the things we once took for granted. Gardening is one of the simple pleasures in life. It means bending over, kneeling down and getting up again. This means potential injury. We don’t want you to give up your small pleasures in life such as gardening. That’s why we supply helpful implements to aid you to continue to do what you enjoy doing. We’re particularly proud of the CareCo long reach gardening tools such as those listed below.

Do You Need an Arm Support Cuff?

The devices below don’t come as standard with the Arm Support Cuff but we strongly recommend that, should you choose to buy any of the CareCo long reach gardening tools, you also invest in one of these. It reduces balance difficulties and improves weight distribution of the devices. It will also help you work the tough soil when wrist action is no longer powerful enough. It’s as much an aid for dexterity as anything else and attaches to all of our Long Reach devices. It’s not just useful for gardening tools either; you can attach anything with a handle and it will work just as well.

Long Reach Fork

A fork is a gardening device used to turn over top soil anything up to a foot (30cm) deep. It’s a mainstay of your garden but labour intensive with it. You need a strong arm and back to push the fork into the soil and then lift it up to make planting easier. The long reach fork is designed for use from a seated position – an ergonomic handle which is easy on your joints, wrists and shoulders. When used in conjunction with the arm support cuff, this CareCo long reach gardening tool will make planting of such crops as seed potatoes much easier.

Long Reach Trowel

Trowels are another vital part of your garden tool collection. That’s why we also offer trowels in our range of CareCo long reach gardening tools. Trowels are used to dig small holes or to turn over the top couple of inches of soil. It requires kneeling which is not good for your knees long-term. With the long reach trowel, you don’t need to kneel or bend down (its reach is 80cm/30”). You can sit comfortably will turning over your top soil. Like the other devices in this range, it’s made from stainless steel so it won’t rust as easily.

Lady with a long reach toolLong Reach Cultivator

A cultivator is a small fork that – like a trowel – requires the user to get down on their knees. It’s used for keeping the top inch of soil turned over in small areas such as flowerbeds. It helps to keep the soil loose, getting rid of fledgling weeds, and keeping the soil aerated. When you have mobility problems, it’s not ideal to get into the position that you need to use this type of tool. With a long reach cultivator, you can do this easily from a comfortable seated position.  It’s a comfortable 80cm or 30” so you needn’t put a strain on your back.

Long Reach Hoe

Hoe’s are, by definition, long-handled. Used for turning over the top half inch to one inch of soil, it easily clears weeds and keeps the soil aerated without damaging the crops already growing there. Despite that this is a long-handled device, they are often not long enough. You still need to bend over a little. That’s why we’ve chosen to supply a long reach hoe in the range of CareCo gardening tools. That extra length will do your back and arms a world of good, putting less strain on your joints. You can even use it while seated.

Will Harrison
Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grassroots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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