Rain Protection Accessories for You and Your Mobility Scooter

rain protection accessories

With the British weather being as unpredictable as it is – even during the summer months – it’s useful to be prepared for even the most sudden downpours. If you use a mobility scooter the usual solutions of an umbrella or ducking for cover aren’t practical. Fortunately, there are plenty of scooter rain protection accessories to help you out instead.

CareCo Scooter Cape

man wearing a scooter cape on a mobility scooterIf you’re looking for more comprehensive coverage from the wet weather then the CareCo Scooter Cape may just be the rain protection accessory for the job. This waterproof cover fully encloses both you and your scooter to provide a barrier from even the heaviest of showers, while still allowing you to drive as normal.

There is also a transparent section to give you a view of the tiller and control panel of the scooter, so you can be sure you’re always in control. Finally, to make getting on and off the scooter simple the cover can be completely opened on one side.

CareCo Scooter Control Panel Cover

rain cover over mobility scooter control panelIf you are expecting light showers and have a good waterproof jacket, then the CareCo Scooter Control Panel Cover is a good option. It protects the tiller control panel from direct rainfall so protects the parts most likely to fail in wet conditions. You can fix it to your scooter and leave it on all the time.

This works really well if used with the CareCo Scooter Seat Cover – there is nothing worse than having to sit on a wet seat, and this solves that common British problem!

CareCo Deluxe Scooter Storage Cover

scooter cover protecting a mobility scooterThe CareCo Deluxe Scooter Storage Cover is a heavy duty rain cover that fits over larger road mobility scooters. It includes handy flaps for charging cables. The cover is 2m long and 1m tall when flat and will cover most mobility scooters.

This is perfect if you need to leave your scooter outside for short periods when rain is expected – we recommend that you always pack your scooter cover when you venture out too, as you never know when you might get caught in a downpour.

Mobility Scooter Canopies

scooter with rain canopyArguably the most effective mobility scooter rain protection accessory is a canopy. The ability you completely enclose you from the outside weather while still allowing you travel as you normally do is the ultimate goal of any of these accessories.

CareCo supply a number of different scooter canopy types that range from traditional vinyl and transparent designs, to foldable canopies and even solid polycarbonate for maximum protection. The majority of these are made to order for your particular mobility scooter. If you have the budget they are a worthwhile investment.

CareCo Mobility Store

CareCo Mobility StoreThe CareCo Mobility Store provides watertight cover for your scooter and it an excellent idea during the cold autumn and winter months, although should be used all year round to ensure your scooter kept dry at night. The store comes with anchor plates and rust proof poles so it will protect your beloved scooter for many years to come.

Hidy Hood 90 Scooter Cover

mobility scooter under rain canopyIf you use your scooter a lot in autumn and winter and don’t want the inconvenience of covering it every time you get home, then the Hidy Hood 90 Scooter Cover is a good solution,. Once set up you can leave your scooter under the cover where it will be protected from rain. Of course, if there is a heavy downpour and strong winds, this will not fully protect your scooter.

Drive Scooter Shelter

blue scooter canopyIf you need to leave your scooter out in all weather, then a scooter shelter is better than a canopy that only partially protects. The Drive Scooter Shelter has a metal frame that can quickly be folded over your scooter. The weight of the scooter holds the cover in place, while the metal construction and heavy duty canvas keep it well protected. It also has battery charging flaps, and can also be locked with a padlock.

Mobility Scooter Garage

Green garage for mobility scootersThe biggest and best protection for your scooter is the Mobility Scooter Garage. With this you can drive into it like a normal garage, and seal up to provide excellent protection from the weather. This item is made to order, so call sales for advice.


CareCo Hi-Vis Accessory Pack – Includes Rain Cover

bag and can holder with reflective strips on mobility scooterThe CareCo Hi-Vis Accessory Pack has a number of rain protection items included to protect your scooter. When on the move you can cover the tiller with the Scooter Control Panel Cover that both protects the electronics from rain and lets you see the controls clearly thanks to the transparent segment. There is also the Seat Cover that prevents the chair from getting wet when you need to leave your scooter unattended. Finally, the Scooter Storage Cover will keep the entire vehicle shielded from the elements when it’s not in use.