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Electric Wheelchairs With Small Turning Circles

June 21, 2019 -
OT explaining a powerchair

Everybody looks for something different in an electric wheelchair: some people want something with a long range for outdoor use, some want one that allows them to work at a desk easily, some need one that folds down into a car boot, and some people just need one that works well in a tight spot.  If your bathroom or hallway is small and you need a powerchair to get around your house, then the size of turning radius is going to be one of the most important factors.

To save you looking up the turning radius in the specs of each, here we order our top models, which all have a turning radius of no more than 68cm.  Some wheelchairs have a turning radius of over 4 feet (120cm) so don't waste time reading these reviews, instead pick one of these. To calculate the full size of the turning circle, ie the turning diameter, multiple the turning radius by 2.

CareCo Easi Go

50cm-59cm Turning Radius Powerchairs

This range has the largest variety of electric wheelchair, with mostly rear-wheel and mid-wheel drive options.

50cm: The CareCo Easi Go Electric Wheelchair is a popular indoor powerchair. It is a rear wheel drive chair with a tight turn and comes in blue or red. 

The wheels are small and tyres smooth, so is best suited to home use and shopping.  It breaks down into several parts for easy transport.

60cm-68cm Turning Radius Powerchairs

I-Go Zenith Pro

60cm: The Fenix Powerchair is a great everyday powerchair with 4 wheels that are almost equal sized. It can be taken apart for easy travel and is similar to the popular Kymco K-Chair. It as a staggering 15km range too.

63cm: The I-Go Zenith Pro has a high back and is front wheel drive, making it great for indoor use and for sitting for long periods. It also has a 24km range.

67.5cm: The I-Go Crest CSS Suspension Powerchair is a compact and sturdy chair with excellent suspension. The largest turning circle in this selection, but a fantastic chair at an excellent price.

For more advice on powerchairs read our occupational therapist's powerchair guide, and visit our powerchair shop.

Jon Wade
Jon Wade

Jon has been working at CareCo since 2019. He uses his extensive product knowledge to provide insights and advice on the best mobility aids for every occasion.

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