Bath Lift Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Lift in Top Shape

bath lift maintenance

Buying a bath lift is a sizeable purchase, so making it last as long as possible is essential to getting your moneys worth. Fortunately, simple bath lift maintenance can keep it in top shape for years to come and you can even protect it against more serious damage. Here’s what you can do to keep your bath lift in top shape.

Regular Cleaning to Prevent Joint SeizingNeptune Bath Lift maintenance

For traditional style bath lifts the importance or regular cleaning is a key part of bath lift maintenance. By making sure you wipe the bath lift down and letting it dry thoroughly it can help prevent mildew or mould building up in the joints and moving parts of your bath lift. This will help prevent these parts become seized, keeping things moving easily. This will subsequently make it last longer as you won’t have to fight against resistance when using the lift.

Not only is mildew and mould a potential blockage, but many toiletries can also cause the same issue. If you enjoy using bath soaps or specialist products like bath bombs, be sure to give it proper clean after each use. Otherwise, when the moisture evaporates from the remains of these products they can become very firm or sticky, causing real issues in the moving parts.

Storing and Transporting Your Bath Lift Correctly

Keeping joints clean and moving smoothly is just one part of bath lift maintenance, another is preventing any overly forceful impacts from damaging the structural integrity of the lift. This can be done by correctly storing and transporting the bath lift. During storage its important to fold the bath lift down correctly and fully. This way it’s not only easier to fit into small gaps, but the chance of it getting caught or knocked on the edges is also reduced.

When transporting the bath lift in a car it’s once again important to fold it down fully, but also to reduce the amount of movement that might happen in transit. This can be done by using other objects to keep it still, or placing it on a surface that minimises any sliding about. By doing either of these the chances of heavy knocks will be greatly reduced, keeping the bath lift in better condition. Of course, it’s highly unlikely any bath lift will be damaged by a single knock, but cumulative poor care over time can have a negative impact.

Purchasing Bath Lift Cover for Expert Bath Lift Maintenance

For all the care you can take with your bath lift maintenance there is the potential for an accident to happen and serious damage to be caused. At this point it may be beyond your skillset trying to repair it. To make sure this scenario doesn’t end up being costly you should consider purchasing additional cover alongside your bath lift.New 4 Year Warranty bath lift maintenance

Available as one through to four-year packages, the extended warranty available covers you for more eventualities than just the standard year included with all bath lifts. Beyond the normal protection against pre-mature faults, the extended warranty also covers accidental damage and call-out repairs. This ensures that no matter how your bath lift becomes damaged you can get help at a fraction of the cost of a new one. This makes it well worth the investment.

By following these simple tips, you can make your bath lift last longer and save money when something does happen.