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I-Go Vertex Sport

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5.0 / 5

A great all rounder, the I-Go Vertex Sport blends rugged durability and comfort with complete portability. The scooter can be split into five component parts in a flash, so it is convenient to take with you in the car, even if you are travelling alone. But once you get onboard, its all-round suspension system and high performance battery deliver comfort and performance that might surprise you from a travel scooter.
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What's covered?

Where comfort and simplicity combine

The I-Go Vertex Sport gets you to your destination in comfort and safety. The advanced suspension system and eight inch wheels combine to soak up the bumps along the way - instead of sending them straight to your spine. Other features include a powerful LED light so you can see and be seen and a delta tiller for effortless control. It’s rare to find a splittable travel scooter with specs like these.


Easy to transport

Separates into five components - you can do it with one hand

Superior suspension

Eliminates the aches and pains of potholes and bumpy surfaces

Easy on the wrists

Delta tiller bar for easy control even with arthritic fingers

Impressive range and easy charging

The Vertex Sport is equipped with a 20Ah battery. That’s an impressive capacity for a scooter in this category and it delivers a range in excess of 24km (15 miles). When the time comes to recharge, there’s no need to fiddle about with the battery. Instead, simply plug the charger into the port on the tiller. If you prefer, you can remove the entire battery box and take it indoors to charge.

Optimum comfort for achey bones

The Vertex Sport proves that you don’t have to spend thousands on a mobility scooter to get a comfortable ride. The advanced suspension system coupled with larger wheels makes a real difference, smoothing away bumps in the road or path so your every journey is a pleasure, not a trial of endurance. A generously padded, fully adjustable seat adds to the sense of luxury.

No grip? No problem with a delta tiller

If you are among the 50 percent of over 65s living with arthritis, you’ll know that gripping conventional handlebars and operating a twist throttle can be difficult and painful. You don’t have to do either with the Vertex Sport. The delta tiller allows you to steer with precision using either or both hands without the need to grip tight, while a simple paddle replaces the conventional throttle control.

Battery Size (Ah) 20
Battery Type Not specified
Battery Type Sealed Lead-Acid
Off Board Charging Yes
Range up to (km) 24
Watt Hours 480
Product Specs
Front Wheel Size (cm) 20.3
Ground Clearance (cm) 7
Heaviest Part (kg) 20.7
Incline Rating (Degrees) 8
Max Speed (km/h) 6
Motor Wattage 270
Number of Wheels 4
Product Weight (kg) 57.5
Rear Wheel Size (cm) 20.3
Seat Width (cm) 45
Swivel Seat Yes
Tiller Type Delta
Turning Radius (cm) 134
Tyres Solid
Height (cm) 94
Length (cm) 108
Width (cm) 49.5
User Specs
Max User Weight (kg) 130
  • Unfolded
  • A. 94cm
  • B. 108cm
  • C. 49.5cm

This scooter's features include

Tiller Type










Assembly Guide

Happy to assemble this product yourself?
Here's our guide


Assembly Time:

30 mins


Some assembly required

People Required:

1 Person(s)


Or why not let us take care of all the heavy lifting for you?

Just choose Home Assembly at checkout.

Youtube Video Component I-Go Vertex Sport Assembly Video

What’s in the box?



All the important info for your scooter, including assembly instructions if you need them.



Your charger is included, so you can get out and about right away.



Your scooter comes with a spare key,
for extra peace of mind.

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All your questions answered
How heavy is the heaviest part and is this the battery or the frame?
Also ideally would like the weight of both the battery and the frame
Total weight is 57.5kgHeaviest part is 20.8kg, which is the base and tillerBattery is 13.6kgSeat is 11.5kg
How long is the guarantee for ?
How long is the guarantee for

The scooter’s warranty is as follows:

  • Frame: Two year limited warranty
  • Controllers: One year limited warranty
  • Electronic Components and Charger: One year limited warranty
  • Batteries: 6 month limited warranty

Warranty Exclusion: The following items are not covered by warranty

  • Motor Brushes / Wheel Tyres / Arm Pads
  • Seat Cushion / Fuses and Bulbs / Tiller Cover
  • Rear Shroud / Front Shroud and Consumable Parts

Any damage or defect of any nature occurring from the misuse, abuse of the product, improper operation or improper storage is not covered. The warranty starts from the date of arrival of our products.

Storage and Speed Control
What are the dimensions of the basket and underseat storage? Does the speed control lever need to be continually held to keep the scooter in motion?

The basket dimensions are 26x20x24cm (WxLxD)

The two underseat storage compartments are each 20x15x9cm

The speed is controlled by pulling and holding the lever, as soon as the lever is released the brakes are activated.

User weight
Hi,can you tell me the user weight that this scooter can take please?

The max user weight is 130kg / 20st 7lbs

What size are the wheels
Are they 7. 8. Or 10 inch?
They are 8x2 (200x50 mm)
How long does Battery take for a Full charge?
How long does Battery take for Full charge?
We would always recommend you charge your batteries for 12-14 hours to ensure you have a fully charged battery. Thank you for your question!
Is this easily handled with one hand?
Can you use forward and reverse with one hand?
Due to the shape of the handles on the I-Go Vertex Sport, it is fairly easily handled one handed. Thank you for your question Ken!
Can the battery be charged on and off the scooter
I keep my scooter in the shed but always take the battery inside the house for charging
Thank you for your question Liz. I can confirm the batteries on this scooter are fully removable for charging.
Do you do finance
Do you do finance or monthly payments please Thankyou
Thank you for your question. We do not offer finance on any of our products.
Can this scooter travel on smooth grass? ie grass paths
In order to get to tarmac roads we have to go across a common with grass paths
Thank you for your enquiry. The I-Go Vertex Sport mobility scooter should be fine to travel over a path with short grass. If you require any further information why not give our Sales Team a call on 0800 111 4774.
Can the scooter be pushed when thew power is off?
Can the Vertex Sport be pushed manually when the power is off? I am thinking in terms of battery loss.
Thank you for your enquiry. Yes the I-Go Vertex can be set to a non-drive mode where the mobility scooter can be pushed. For more information please give us a call on 0800 111 4774.
Seat - Can you adjust the seat back and forward?
Can you adjust the seat back and forward?
Thank you for your enquiry. The seat for the I-Go Vertex Sport cannot be adjusted forward or backwards however the tiller is adjustable so that you can move it nearer or further away from the seat. If you require any further information why not give our Sales Team a call on 0800 111 4774.
Does the IGo Vertex Sport have a breaking system
Thank you for your enquiry. In order to engage the brakes on the I-GO Vertex Sport simply just stop using the throttle and the mobility scooter will come to a quick stop. For more information please give us a call on 0800 111 4774.
Is the tiller adjustable?
I need the tiller to be nearer to me as my arms ache
Thank you for your enquiry. Yes there is a knob at the bottom of the tiller which will allow you to adjust the tiller near to the seat. For more information please give us a call on 0800 111 4774.
What is the turning radius of this scooter?
I need to know for the bus local bus company
Thank you for your enquiry. The turning radius of the I-Go Vertex Sport is 134cm.
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