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Reassurance with

CareCo Protect + Go

Cover designed especially for mobility scooters, powerchairs, wheelchairs and walking aids, to give you peace of mind while you’re out and about.

Why should I insure my mobility aid?

CareCo Protect + Go insurance is designed to meet the needs of those looking to insure their mobility equipment. With no age limit, our policies protect all mobility aid users. Depending on your product, our policies cover the basics such as accidental damage, third-party liability and theft, as well as benefits you might not expect, like personal accident cover. 

There’s even 24/7 breakdown recovery included on our Enhanced level policies, plus the option to add Puncture Care for eligible products to give you even more confidence when you’re out and about. Click the video to find out more about Protect + Go insurance for mobility scooters and powerchairs.


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Mobility Scooters
Walking Aids

Key benefits at glance   Mobility Scooter & Powerchairs

Key benefits at a glance Mobility Scooters & Powerchairs

24/7 Protect + Go Rescue
24/7 break down assistance and recovery of scooters and powerchairs included with our Enhanced level policy. Should you suffer a breakdown you can contact our specialist recovery team anytime of the day or night.

Cost of hiring new equipment
Following an accident which caused repairable damage, we can provide costs towards hiring a replacement machine while yours is being repaired.

Add Puncture Care for £9.99 per annum
Cover for the cost of repairing a tyre or a puncture up to £100 per incident and £200 in a policy year. Covers call out charges, labour charges and parts fitted whilst repairing the puncture.

Recovery Costs
Cover to claim for reasonable recovery expenses to get you and your equipment home following a break down included on our Economy and Essentials policies.

Third party liability
Accidental damage to third party property, or accidental injury to third parties, from the use of the mobility equipment.

New-for-old replacement for scooters
New for old replacement cover for machines less than two years old for theft, and up to 3 years old for accidental damage.

Loss or damage cover
Loss or damage claims are covered as a result of accidental or malicious damage, flood, fire, theft or attempted theft.

Worldwide Cover, including baggage handler cover
Loss/damage and third party liability cover extended whilst you are temporarily travelling outside the geographical limits (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man).

Policy limitations and exclusions apply

So what's covered...

24/7 Recovery Rescue Cover
Cost for hiring alternative equipment
Recovery Costs
Third party liability
New for older replacement
Loss or damage
Worldwide Cover
Personal Accident
Personal Effects
Manual wheelchair cover
Any Users
1 Year Insurance
2 Years' Insurance
3 Years' Insurance
Economy(applies to equipment
up to £1500)
up to £100, £5 per day
up to £100, £5 per day
up to £200, £10 per day
up to £1m
up to £2m
up to £2m
up to £1,500
up to £7,000
up to £10,000
up to 21 days
up to 21 days
up to 90 days
up to £1,500
up to £3,000
up to £5,000
up to £200
up to £200
up to £300
up to £1,000
up to £2,000
up to £2,000

Add Puncture Care for just £9.99 per annum
Your policy will cover not only the cost of repairing the puncture but also any call out charges, labour charges and any new parts fitted.
Includes up to £100 of cover per incident and up to £200 in any one policy year.