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Featured Storage Bags to Use with Your Mobility Scooter

June 15, 2018 -

Having enough space to keep your belongings handy during the day is simple enough for most; messenger bags, backpacks and handbags are usually the carriers of choice. However, if you’re a mobility scooter user then these typical storage accessories aren’t practical. If you’re looking for a mobility scooter storage accessory then one of these bags may just be ideal.

Colourmax Bags

Colourmax Mini Backpack

The Colourmax Mini Backpack is a compact mobility scooter storage aid when you only need to bring a few bits and pieces along with you. Inside the main section of the bag is a surprising amount of space. There is a central divider so you can separate certain items from each other – such as food and electronics – as well as smaller pockets for accessories, such as sunglasses. Additionally, there’s a pocket located at the front for items you need access to quickly. The Mini Backpack isn’t only about the interior though, the exterior has been designed to be attractive to look at as you hang it off the back of a mobility scooter. Available in three eye catching colours and with a vinyl bottom section it will look great on any mobility aid.

Colourmax Maxi Backpack

The Colourmax Maxi Backpack takes the same colourful and eye-catching visuals of the Mini and adds more space. The main pocket is a singular compartment for larger items, while there are two front mounted pockets for smaller bits and pieces. The larger front pocket has a multitude of differently sized compartments for books, pens, and glasses, while the smaller one is once again ideal for stuff you need to hand quickly. Finally, there are even outer mesh pockets for bottles.

CoolBag Backpack

At this time of year going out for picnic is one of the best ways to pass an afternoon. Of course, you need to keep the food cool and fresh. The CoolBag Backpack is the perfect mobility scooter storage bag for the job. The interior is lined with insulation to keep food cooler for longer, even in direct sun, while the exterior has a water resistant and robust material to keep the contents safe. To keep your wet items separate from dry ones there is also a divider inside the main compartment, so you won’t get any moisture on your sandwiches. There’s also a smaller insulated front compartment for extra separation. Finally, there are mesh side pockets for drinks bottles.

Leatherette Crutch Walking Stick Bag

The Leatherette Crutch Walking Stick Bag combines style, practicality and affordability. Visually, you’ll notice the texture of the bag is an imitation leather, saving you money while still providing contemporary style that never goes out of fashion. From a functional perspective the Leatherette bag has plenty of storage. The square shape gives maximum space in the main compartment for all your daily bits and pieces, while the front pocket zips along almost the entire length of the bag to give you space for items you need quickly, even large ones. The bag’s party piece, however, is its ability to hold a cane or pair of crutches in the side mounted storage compartments. If you occasionally switch from a seated mobility aid to a walking aid this feature makes transportation of your cane or crutch much easier.

Will Harrison
Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grassroots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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