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Mobility Friendly Bathrooms on a Budget: Home Disabled Bathrooms

December 27, 2017 -
mobility friendly

Remodelling a bathroom isn’t cheap and it’s even more expensive when you need to make it accessible for limited mobility. Fixtures and fittings like sit-down showers and raised toilets are expensive due to their specialised features. However, there are affordable ways to retrofit your existing bathroom and make it more mobility friendly without breaking the bank. Read on to find out how.

Making Your Toilet Mobility Friendly

Easyfold Support RailEasyfold Support Rail mobility friendly

When you use a specialised disabled toilet in public places one of the most mobility friendly features is the rail located next to the loo, but this is absent in most home bathrooms. However, the Easyfold Support Rail allows you to install this essential feature at home for an affordable price. By affixing the rail to a wall adjacent to the toilet you’ll always have a secure surface to lean on when sitting down and standing up. The rail can also be folded up when not in use and has a toilet roll holder. For wall mounted rails, see our CareCo bath grab rails.

White Aquatec 90 Toilet Seat

Although a toilet rail can provide stability, it may not be sufficient if you really struggle with lower body mobility and strength. The Reach Toilet Seat with Lid can provide additional mobility friendly help. By installing it on top of a standard toilet seat it can add valuable height to reduce the range of motion needed to stand and sit. Installation is easy due to the rotating knobs that secure seat and it can be purchased with or without a top lid, depending on your preference. See our full range of toilet seat raisers here.

Making Your Shower or Bath Mobility Friendly

Reach Stick and Stay Grab BarReach Stick and Stay Grab Bar mobility friendly

Just like when using the lavatory, using the shower or bath requires mobility friendly stability assistance when you have low strength. The addition of a wet surface underneath makes it even more important. The Reach Stick and Stay Grab Bar can be attached to wall without the use of screws and releasing it is just as simple using the coloured switches. This makes it easy to move from one place to another. When holding the bar, you’ll notice its textured, giving extra grip when wet.

360 Rotating Shower Seat

Standing in the shower is difficult if your legs tire quickly and a fall can cause serious injury. By purchasing a simple bathroom seating apparatus like the 360 Rotating Shower Seat you can make can enjoy your showers without worrying about falling. This particular stool can be adjusted to your ideal height, but just as the name suggests it also has a rotating seat. This allows you to reach to different areas of the shower as well as wash all sides of you body without needing to move yourself.

Bath Transfer BenchBath Transfer Bench mobility friendly

If you prefer a soak in the tub to a shower but struggle to get over the edge of the bath then you may want to consider the Bath Transfer Bench. Instead of risking a trip on the edge of the bath, this transfer aid can be adjusted to the right height, so you can simply sit down and slide yourself over. You can then gently lower yourself into the water. When you need to get out, just lift yourself up to the height of the bench and slide back across safely, then stand up when you’re ready. View our range of CareCo bath boards here.

Jim Powell
Jim Powell

Jim Powell has been designing accessible bathrooms for over 20 years and over recent years has worked closely with mobility advisers to explore the best way to assist the elderly and infirm in that most private but essential part of our lives. His expertise, knowledge and understanding helps our customers to regain or retain the dignity we all deserve.

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