Which Type Of Recliner Armchair Is Best?

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Riser Recliner Armchairs

Arguably the ‘flagship’ of the recliner types, a riser recliner’s aim is to provide both comfort and mobility assistance to those who need it. It achieves this through the use of electronic motors – available as single or dual motor variants – that can adjust the position of the chair.

The advantages of a riser recliner are:

  • Savannah Riser Recliner (Dual Motor) recliner typesElectronically adjustable seating angle that can raise the footrest and lower the backrest. Single motor chairs – like this Havana – adjust all sections simultaneously, whereas dual motor chairs – like this Savannah – can move each section separately
  • The riser function gently lifts and tilts the chair forwards, helping users with mobility restrictions to sit and stand more easily. This is more commonly found in dual motor chairs
  • Certain models have a ‘wall hugger’ function that allows them to recliner in a smaller space near a wall
  • Some are available with heat and massage functions.

Swivel Recliners

Swivel recliner types are any recliner that has the ability to rotate 360 degrees. They are available as generously cushioned armchairs – like this Lisbon – or as elegantly styled armchairs with footstool – like this Sorrento.

The advantages of a swivel recliner are:

  • The rotatiLisbon Swivel Recliner typesng function is excellent for smaller spaces and can make the chair multipurpose, such as in an office.
  • Dramatically different recliner types in the same category give options for different tastes and uses.
  • Available with a manual or electronic recliner function depending on the model
  • Some are available with heat and massage functions.

Manual Recliners

Manual recliner types are those that don’t use an electronic motor to recline. The Sorrento recliner already mentioned is one type of manual recliner as it requires the user to shift their weight. Another style of a manual recliner is the Keswick Fabric Manual Recliner, as it uses a lever to release the foot and backrest.

The advantages of a manual are:

  • Like swivMalvern Fabric Manual Recliner typesel recliner types there are dramatically different of design types for different tastes and uses
  • Certain models are available in different sizes, making it easier to find one for the available space
  • No need to place the chair near an outlet.

Which of the Recliner Types Is Best?

When it comes to recliner types there’s no definitive ‘best’ type, it all depends on your requirements. As alluded to previously, riser recliners are ideal for those who have mobility difficulties. The riser function provides essential assistance and the electronic recline functions means no physical effort is required.

Swivel recliners are Sorrento Swivel Recliner typesversatile due to their variety. The heavily padded armchair models like the Lisbon are a great alternative to stationary electric recliners if you don’t need a riser function. Whereas the less imposing chairs such as the Sorrento are well suited to studies, bedrooms, or as a secondary living room recliner. The inclusion of a footstool is also an attractive feature.

Finally, the large manual armchair recliner types are perhaps the most luxurious in terms of absolute comfort. Although they require manual effort to recline, the size variations – particularly the biggest sizes – give a real sense of opulence when relaxing in the chair.

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