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Mobility Scooters
What type of Mobility Scooters are there to choose from?

There are three main types of Mobility Scooters. Travel Mobility Scooters are scooters that either fold down or can be disassembled and are great for taking on days out or on holiday. Pavement Mobility Scooters have a maximum range of 4 mph allowing them to travel on pavements and paths, ideal for short distances to the shops or visiting friends. 6-8 mph Scooters are scooters that can travel on the road and are primarily used for going longer distances faster.

What type of mobility scooter is right for me?

If you are someone who likes to go out in the car for days out then a Travel Mobility Scooters may be very useful as it can be disassembled to go into car boots and reassembled easily, furthermore the battery can be charged off the scooter allowing you to leave the scooter in your car while you charge the mobility scooter when not in use. A Pavement Mobility Scooter is a handy type of scooter if you just wish to travel to the shops directly from your home and can swiftly and safely get you to your destination. Alternately if you are someone who regularly travels long distance then you may wish to invest in a high performance 6-8 mph Mobility Scooter.

What do I need to consider when buying a mobility scooter?

It is important when buying a mobility scooter to choose the right one to cater for your needs. For example if you are driving your scooter in the evening or in dark weather then you’ll want a mobility scooter that has lights and reflectors to ensure you remain safe when there is little light. Other features to consider is a delta tiller bar which is useful for those with limited strength in their hands or a mobility scooter which has a swivel seat for easier access for those who would struggle to get into their mobility scooter.

What else might I need?

There are many useful accessories that you might want to consider buying in addition to buying your mobility scooter. For instance a mobility scooter cover is vital if you plan on leaving your scooter outside to protect it from any adverse weather such as rain or heavy wind. Another useful item to consider is a bag that is specially designed to fit onto your mobility scooter, great for carrying essential items or shopping bags. You may also wish to consider purchasing insurance for your scooter as like car insurance your scooter is not covered by home insurance making you liable for any accidental damage you may incur.