A Wheelchair for Every Need

For many of us there will come a time in our lives where we need a wheelchair, whether that be temporarily or permanently. Through playing sport or by being an accident there are many instances where we may find we lose the use of our legs. When this happens it is vital that we are able to find a suitable wheelchair that will keep us mobile and that that wheelchair is delivered to us as soon as possible to get us out and about as soon as possible.

Globetraveller Transit Wheelchair
Globetraveller Transit Wheelchair

An important thing to remember when looking for a wheelchair is whether you need a self-propelled wheelchair or a transit wheelchair. A self-propelled wheelchair is one which the user of the wheelchair can operate themselves by pushing forward the wheels of the wheelchair. This is great for those who have lost the use of their legs but still have reasonable upper body strength as the user can still maintain independence when using these wheelchairs.

Alternately for those who have lost mobility in their legs and are also unable to use a self-propelled wheelchair then a transit wheelchair is ideal. These wheelchairs are designed to allow a carer or attendant to operate the wheelchair by pushing it from behind, equipped with handles designed to more easily push the chair by pressing down on levers just below the handles. These types of wheelchairs are also helpful when transferring users’ short distances which may be difficult to access otherwise.

Excel G5 'Modular Kids' Paediatric Wheelchair
Excel G5 ‘Modular Kids’ Paediatric Wheelchair

Also available are wheelchairs and buggies designed for children and toddlers who may have problems with mobility. Not only are these paediatric wheelchair specially designed so that they are the correct size for smaller users but they also come with a range of features that make these chairs more accessible to younger users.

Even for larger users there are wheelchairs that are designed so that they can carry a larger weight and have extended width and depth to accommodate this. Known as Bariatric Wheelchairs these wheelchairs are still equipped with all the features that most wheelchairs have and are available as both self-propelled and transit wheelchairs.

Whatever your particularly need there is a wheelchair for you if you ever find after an unfortunate incident or accident that you cannot use your legs.