The Best Lightweight Self-Propelled Wheelchairs For Travel and Everyday Use

x8 high active

Self-propelled wheelchairs have come a long way since the first rear-wheel push chair was designed in 1869. Wheelchairs of old were heavy, uncomfortable and hard to control, but technological developments mean that today we have super-lightweight wheelchairs that are easy to propel and comfortable too. Modern lightweight wheelchairs are made largely from aluminium, although carbon fibre and titanium is also used in some models. Seats are often canvas style rather than being thick padded seats, and most are designed also for easy transport. Some are foldable and have wheels that easily detach. So let’s take a look at the best models on offer this year. All of these models are under 15kg.

Karma Ergo Lite 2 Self-PropelledKarma Ergo Lite 2 Self-Propelled

At just 10.4kg , the Karma Ergo Lite 2 Self-Propelled is one of the lightest SP wheelchairs on the market. It is equipped with the S-Ergo seat that is designed to reduce pressure on the body and also provides excellent support. It is easy to fold, only the detachable footrests need to be removed beforehand. It is not the cheapest of chairs, but the highest quality always comes at a price. It also has attendant brakes.

x8 high activeCareCo X8 High Active

The X8 High Active is just 13.2kg, making it one of the lighter models. It comes in a sporty orange with a padded seat. It has adjustable arms and quick release wheels, and the heaviest part when wheels are removed is just 8.6kg, making it easy to lift into a car boot. The wheels have individual brakes to allow you to park safely too. The padded seat can be removed for easy cleaning, which is important if you are planning a lot of activity.

The X8 High Active is pictured here with our Occupational Therapist Natasha Bruce-Jones.

I-Go Airrex LT Self PropelledI-GO Airrex LT Self Propelled

The I-GO Airrex LT Self Propelled wheelchair is a fantastic chair for the price. It’s 13.6kg and comes in a range of sizes, and is finished with an aluminium frame and grey fabric seat and back rest. Although it is not significantly lighter than some other models, it certainly looks like a very lightweight wheelchair with its sleek lines and minimalist style.

The armrests can be quickly lowered to allow you to easily slide under desks, so this is a perfect chair for students or anybody doing a desk job, and is great when dining out too. It has quick release wheels and the backrest folds down, making travel and storage a breeze.

CareCo Aluminium AirGlide WheelchairCareCo Aluminium AirGlide Wheelchair

The 13.8kg CareCo Aluminium AirGlide Wheelchair is a solid lightweight wheelchair at an affordable price. It is easy to fold away, with a half-folding back.

The wheelchair has 24” self-propelled wheels with solid tyres, so punctures are not going to be a problem. It is perfect for indoor use and venturing outside, as well as holidays and travel. The armrests are well padded and the seat is easy-clean nylon.

Excel G-Lite Pro 20in Heavy Duty Super LightweightVanOs Excel G-Lite Pro 20in Heavy Duty Super Lightweight

The Excel G-Lite Pro 20in Heavy Duty Super Lightweight is a similar style I-GO Airrex, and comes in a blue canvas seat and back with lightweight frame. It has quick release wheels and easily folds for quick storage in a car boot. It also has height adjustable armrests.

At 13.9kg it is slightly heavier than the cheaper I-GO Airrex, so really a buying decision comes down to what colour you prefer. If blue is important, this is the chair for you, otherwise you can save £100 and get a similar model in the I-GO Airrex.

Enigma Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Manual WheelchairDrive Enigma Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Manual Wheelchair

Drive’s Enigma Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Manual Wheelchair is another light wheelchair that performs very well. Although rated as an “ultra lightweight” wheelchair, it is 13kg, so not hugely lighter than other models. When the wheels are detached the largest part is just 7.8kg , which does make it easier lifting into and out of a car boot. The armrests are fixed so it is not so easy to slide under a desk or table, but it is a robust chair that can carry people up to 18 stone / 115kg.

All these chairs offer great value for money, and all have been tested and meet the highest standards for comfort and safety. The key differences to look out for are folding arms, ease of folding the chair, quick release wheels and style of seat. If you are unsure it is advisable to pop into one of our showrooms if possible to test a few out. You can also view all our CareCo Self-Propelled Wheelchairs here – we are here to help and advise.