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The Lightest Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Access Ramps in the UK

December 05, 2019 -
woman driving mobility scooter down an aerofold ramp

This week CareCo launched the new, super-lightweight access ramp, the Aerofold Ramp. Just like the similarly named chocolate bar, the Aerofold's appeal is as much in what is missing as what it there! Access ramps for mobility scooters and wheelchairs are usually rather heavy, which makes it very difficult for people with mobility problems to carry them and position them correctly. So there was an obvious need to develop a lightweight ramp that was easy to install and easy to fold up and carry, but still strong enough to carry heavy mobility scooters. We are proud to bring to the UK mobility market the new Aerofold lightweight mobility ramp.

The Lightest Ramps in the UK

Traditional access ramps are made from a sheet of metal with metal grips either moulded from the sheet or added to the surface. The Aerofold Ramp resembles a cheese grater with raised holes all over its surface. The holes on the flat-plate hole-punched surface provide grip while also massively reducing the total weight of the ramps. Not only does the ramp have excellent grip in even wet conditions, it is also stronger than similarly sized ramps. The innovative cheese grater style design cuts a full 20% off the carry weight while allowing it to hold up to 360kg ( 800lbs) in weight. This is ample to carry the heaviest mobility scooters (which are around 150kg) and a passenger. They are made from lightweight rust-proof aluminium, which means they are easier to lift yet stronger than most other other mobility ramps.

woman carrying Aerofold ramp to a car

For example, one of our biggest mobility scooters is the Corvus Rapide 8mph Mobility Scooter, which weighs 144kg and has a maximum user weight of 160kg, which gives a combined weight of 304kg, still well within the Aerofold's limit.

The new Aerofold Ramps provide easy access for mobility scooters and wheelchairs even with high thresholds and steps. They can be carried as a single unit or separated into two sections. The ramp comes in 5 lengths: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet; each is 29.5 inch wide (61, 91, 122, 152, 183cm; 75cm wide). They are very light too; the 3 foot ramp is just 6.3kg (two parts at 3.15kg), and the 5 foot ramp only 10.5kg (2 parts at 5.25kg) so they are very easy to move and position. For more wheelchair and mobility scooter ramps, head over to our ramp department.

Jon Wade
Jon Wade

Jon has been working at CareCo since 2019. He uses his extensive product knowledge to provide insights and advice on the best mobility aids for every occasion.

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