Have Sleep Apnoea? You May Need a CareCo Adjustable Bed

sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a potentially serious problem for the person with the condition. It’s also problematic for anyone with whom they share a bedroom or a bed. Loud snoring and halted breathing is the main symptom, but it’s a medical condition in and of itself that can indicate other problems or lead to long-term health conditions. Treatment is not always possible except – in some cases – losing weight, but there are other things you can do to help. One of them is investing in an adjustable bed.

What is Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep apnoea is a cosleep apnoeandition where the muscles that line the throat soften when you sleep, leading to a closing off of the oesophagus. When the air passage closes completely and affects breathing this is defined as sleep apnoea. A partial closing of the airway is known as hypopnoea. Both conditions reduce sleep quality and interrupt sleep. In turn, this can impact the quality of life and increase the risk of other health conditions developing, such as diabetes and stroke. Excess weight is one potential cause but by no means the only one.

Getting the Best Out of Your Adjustable Bed for Sleep Apnoea Alleviation

If you’ve considered getting an adjustable bed for personal rather than medical reasons – such as comfort and relaxation – then you may not have considered the potential health benefits. Tests suggest there are several ways that these electric devices can help your sleep apnoea.

Don’t Lie Flat

The main reason most people suffer from Sleep Apnoea is how our conventional beds work. Lying flat can exacerbate a number of pre-existing medical conditions; it’s notorious for encouraging acid reflux disease, for example. Sleep apnoea is another. Thankfully, both of these conditions can be alleviated by raising the head slightly. A large stack of pillows is one potential solution, but you may wake up with a stiff neck or roll off the pillows during the night. Only with an adjustable bed are you able to create the perfect angle to alleviate your sleep apnoea.

How this works: While the throat closes up, this creates problems with the tongue as it slips back down the throat. When raised up on an adjustable bed, gravity does the job of keeping the tongue loose.

Better Weight Distribution

It’s important to sleep apnoeafind the right angle for comfort and for correct weight distribution with your new adjustable bed. You may not need a great variation, sitting up may be overkill, but a slight incline can benefit you greatly through better weight distribution. This is especially the case if your sleep apnoea is caused by excess weight, as it is in many cases. This is especially true if you tend to carry weight around your neck – especially common in men. Excess fat around the neck puts pressure on the throat, leading to greater instances of it closing up.

How this works: As mentioned above, it allows gravity to do its job so that the weight is distributed across your neck, downwards towards your chest and alleviating pressure on your throat. A good mattress is vital, and British-made Felley beds from Sitting Pretty come with three mattress options.

Better Quality and Quantity of Sleep

The result is better quality and quantity of sleep for the sufferer and anybody with whom they share a bedroom or bed. The sufferer will not keep waking up during the night, promoting deep sleep, and it will not keep their partner awake at night, helping them to feel refreshed and focused in the morning. An adjustable bed is one of the best investments you can make for this medical condition, so why not visit one of our showrooms to talk to one of our advisors and try one out for yourself?