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The Best Cheap Swivel Recliner Chairs

November 03, 2017 -
Trieste Heat and Massage Swivel Recliner

At CareCo we’re always looking to bring the best products to our customers and this means we’re always adding to our available range. One area that has had numerous additions is the swivel recliner range. The addition of four new exciting products provides a much wider range of choice for those looking for a swivel recliner. So, what are these new additions?

Standard Swivel Recliners


The first oswivel recliner rangef the new range is Bari Swivel Recliner, which is all about affordable style and luxury. In fact, it’s the lowest priced swivel recliner in the range. This doesn’t mean the Bair is short on quality, it’s more than comparable to higher priced models. From a design perspective you’ll notice the elegant shape and structure that’s reminiscent of the iconic Eames Lounge Chair, something that is present in many swivel recliners. The recliner features are controlled manually, like with more expensive models. Simply shift your weight backward and the chair will lower itself into a supine position. With the addition of a matching footstool the Bari is a truly relaxing place to sit. It’s lean shape and swivel function also makes it ideal for rooms that are on the smaller side, as it won’t dominate the space.


From the swivel recliner rangemovement you look at the new Sorrento Swivel Recliner you’ll notice the striking, curvaceous design. The wooden frame arches from the top of the armrests into the elegant circular swivel base. This is more than just visual indulgence though. The curved armrests act as a rocking mechanism, so you can gently undulate the chair as you relax. Furthermore, the circular base rotates smoothly through 360 degrees. As you would expect, the Sorrento also has the essential features of a swivel recliner. As with the Bari, the Sorrento can be reclined by simply shifting your weight. There is also a footstool so you can raise and stretch your feet out, useful if you suffer from a condition such as varicose veins. With the inclusion of the soft fabric upholstery, the Sorrento is ideal for those chilly evenings putting your feet up with a glass of wine or hot drink.

Heat and Massage Swivel Recliners

Trieste heat and massage swivel recliner


The Trieste Heat and Massage Swivel Recliner is the entry level heat/massage recliner. The shape is quite similar that of the Bari albeit with few differences, such as the flared base on the chair and stool. The other major visual difference is the attractive fabric covering, which is excellent for both comfort and handling daily use. Of course, the Trieste can recline and spin like the standard swivel recliners, but what makes it stand out is the heat and massage features. The connected handset is clearly laid out and has functions for a multitude of massage variations. If you want to target a particular problem area the Trieste can help relive aches and pains, or set it on auto for a full body massage.


Trento heat and massage swivel reclinerThe Trento Heat and Massage Swivel Recliner is another chair at the premium end of the range. Visually, it more closely resembles the Sorrento standard recliner. The circular base has the smooth rotation that effortlessly glides along, perfect for multipurpose use in a private study if you switch between work and leisure areas. However, there are of course significant differences that justify its price tag. The extend wings on the headrest provides a seating experience that envelops you in the luxurious leather material. This also enhances the massage experience as the Trento holds you securely in place. Just as with the Trieste it has a range of modes. Ultimately, the Trento takes the best swivel recliner features to make it a complete experience. Shop for all CareCo Swivel Recliners here.

Will Harrison
Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grassroots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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