Fitness Accessories to Keep Those with Limited Mobility in Shape

fitness accessories

Getting sufficient activity when you have mobility limitations means fitness can be an elusive goal. However, there are pieces of exercise equipment that can help you even if you spend most of your time seated. Here are some fitness accessories we supply at CareCo.

An Affordable Fitness Accessory for Strength

CareCo Exercise Band

CareCo Exercise Band fitness accessoriesThe best way to improve strength is with weight training, but if you have mobility issues and general weakness then this isn’t a realistic option. It could result in joint issues or other injuries. However, the reason weight training works is because of resistance, so recreating this resistance another way will help increase strength.

The CareCo Exercise Band does just this. The elastic construction means you can stretch the band in variety of different ways to engage different muscles. The band will want to resist being pulled causing resistance and building strength. And it does all this without excessive pressure on your joints from heavy weights.

Cardiovascular Fitness Accessories for Use When Seated

Pedal Exerciser

Pedal Exerciser fitness accessoriesThis simple Pedal Exerciser is an ideal way for those with mobility limitations to stay in shape while in a chair. The equipment is placed on the floor in front of a chair allowing you to pedal just as you would on bicycle. This helps maintain and improve cardiovascular fitness while also engaging the muscles in you legs to tone them and minimise muscle loss. The obvious benefit of this being improved balance and muscular endurance when standing up and walking.

Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display

Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display fitness accessoriesThe Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display takes the same idea as the previous product and adds a few extra features to improve its effectiveness. The most obvious of these is its digital display. On this screen you can track the time you have been pedalling, the amount of repetitions you have done, and the calories you have burned. This means you can track your progress and use it as motivation to continue using the exerciser as you break your personal bests.

The display is not the only extra feature, the Exerciser has also been designed to be conveniently packed away. The legs can be articulated inwards to make it more compact, ideal for keeping it out of the way when not in use or taking it on your travels to hotels or friends’ houses.

Electric Circulation and Muscle Exerciser

Electric Circulation And Muscle Exerciser fitness accessoriesThe Electric Circulation and Muscle Exerciser takes the concept of a pedal exerciser and advances it to the next level. You’ll notice it has a similar appearance but contained within are a wealth of features that are not present on other mobility assisting fitness accessories. For example, when used as pedal exerciser the resistance can be increased as you get stronger and fitter. All of which can be tracked using the display and you can even programme custom workouts in beforehand.

There are features that take it beyond just being a pedal exerciser as well. The device can assist you in moving your legs when you only need to encourage lower body circulation without exhausting your muscles. The speed and direction of which can be controlled by centre console that is attached to an extendable wire, removing the need to strain your eyes trying to read it from a distance.

By investing in one or more of these fitness accessories you’ll be able to stay healthy, even if you can’t move as easily as you’d like.