How To Be A More Independent And Adventurous Powerchair User

man on electric wheelchair in the park

An electric wheelchair is an essential part of retaining a level of independence for those with disability. The ability to travel without needing to rely on an attendant gives freedom for so many who do not find a manual wheelchair. However, if you’re looking for a powerchair and don’t quite know what one is right for you it can be a little overwhelming. Here are some questions to consider.

Does Your New Powerchair Need to Be Portable?

Foldalite new powerchairProbably the first question you should ask when looking for a new powerchair is whether or not you need a portable powerchair. If you plan on going out with the powerchair beyond the immediate area near your home – perhaps a shopping centre – then the ability to easily fold it up into a car boot is invaluable. However, if you are going to restrict the powerchair’s use to your home – or you have a specialised ramped vehicle – then a non-folding powerchair may be a better choice.

An excellent example of a folding powerchair is the Foldalite, which comes in blue and silver. This has been specifically designed to be lightweight and easy to transport. The folding mechanism allows you to collapse the chair into a configuration that can be dragged behind like a suitcase, while the carry weight is only 25.6kg to make it easy to lift when necessary.

Does Your New Powerchair Need All-Terrain Capabilities?

Rascal P200 new powerchairIf you live enjoy visiting the park, or have a large garden to explore, then you may want to consider getting a new powerchair that can handle the rough stuff. It’s important that you can tackle uneven or poor terrain without being concerned about getting stuck or damaging the chair. If you know that the chair you choose can do just that you can increase your independence even further.

One powerchair that has been equipped to handle the country lanes and fields is the Rascal P200. You’ll notice the chunky pneumatic tyres that give extra grip and ground clearance, ideal for getting over crests and bumps. There is also a coil suspension system to smooth out the ride and add comfort. Finally, the seat angle can be adjusted to help shift your weight as well as add further comfort as the incline changes.

Do You Want Specialised Features on Your New Powerchair?

Pride Jazzy Air new powerchairCertain powerchairs have features unique to them, making them well suited to very specific situations. This could be an ability to change in height, such as with the Pride Jazzy Select 6 Ultra Electric Wheelchair, air suspension for a very smooth ride, or even large rear wheels for manual self-propelled travel. If you have a particular element in your lifestyle that you want your new powerchair to cater to then take time to look for chair that has the ability to do just that.

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