The Essential Autumn CareCo Products Guide


The last Bank Holiday of spring-summer is over and the nights are clearly drawing in now. It won’t be long before the mornings have a distinct chill in the air. Summer in the northern hemisphere officially ends between the 19th and the 21st September, giving way to autumn and all the dazzling colours and colder weather that entails. While Indian Summers are getting more common in the UK, now is the perfect time to stock up on autumn CareCo products.

CareCo ScCareCo Scooter Cape autumnooter Cape

Mobility scooter users have different requirements from waterproof, windproof, and other weatherproof covering. The different design of the vehicle means you need a different type of covering. The branded scooter cape is one of the top sellers in our range of autumn CareCo products. It will not only cover your body but also your vehicle too in most cases. It’s suitable for smaller and larger mobility scooters and for both 3 and 4-wheel models. The clear front panel allows users to see the tiller and operate the controls without a problem and without getting your hands cold and wet.

SAD Light PadSAD Light Pad (with Medical Approval) autumn

Autumn products also include those for mental well-being. Seasonal Affective Disorder or Seasonal Adjustment Disorder is a type of mild depression that affects people when the seasons change. It typically affects most sufferers during the noticeable changes between summer and autumn when it gets colder, darker, and wetter. This SAD Light Pad has medical approval, proven to relieve some of the symptoms of seasonally affected depression. The bright light simulates natural sunlight but without the powerful electricity bill to match. It uses modern LED technology to create a powerful light at a fraction of the cost and consumption.

Comfi Electric Heated Blanket autumnComfi Electric Heated Blanket

Nothing says autumn quite like higher tog duvets. For those who still feel the cold, the electric blanket has always been the way to go. Some people are still concerned about safety. In truth, modern electric blankets are much safer and more efficient than ever before. CareCo is proud to present the Comfi Electric Heated Blanket. Using revolutionary new breathable fabric, you won’t feel too hot and will find it much easier to find that perfect night-time temperature. It has six heat settings and an option to switch off after 3 hours, ensuring you get a good night sleep with the right temperature at the right time.

Geoff Chant

Geoff Chant is our mobility & living aids expert. He product tests everything from a can opener to our video door phones. You name it, Geoff has tried it with a critical eye and a strong sense of what can make life easier; something we all appreciate!