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Comfi Electric Heated Blanket

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4.9 / 5

Stay warm, cosy and comfortable overnight with the Comfi Electric Heated Blanket.
RRP £59.99
Save £20.00
Was £49.99
inc VAT
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Available for delivery on Tuesday

Product Overview

Stay warm, cosy and comfortable with the Comfi Electric Heated Blanket.

With 6 heat settings to choose from, the Comfi Electric Heated Blanket helps you to wind down in absolute comfort. It takes just 5 minutes to reach a toasty temperature, and you'll even save a bit of money on your heating bill – this electric blanket costs approximately 17p to run for 3 hours on the max setting (based on October 22' energy prices). It's the perfect thing for duvet days or snuggling up on the sofa.

The Comfi Electric Heated Blanket includes a variable timer and automatic shut-off after 3 hours to prevent overnight overheating.

Super-soft and made from a plush breathable material, this heated blanket is fully reversible and perfectly safe for machine washing on a delicate setting.

Additional specification and washing instructions:

  • 6 heat levels
  • 220-240 V AC 50Hz
  • Power rating:160W, at maximum heat setting (6)
  • 210cm / 83 inch cable
  • Machine wash at 30c on a delicate programme
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not use until completely dry
  • Disconnect the control from the main socket and the connector from the blanket before washing
Youtube Video Component
Product Specs
Height (cm) 1.5
Length (cm) 175
Width (cm) 135

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All your questions answered
What material is the blanket made from?
This blanket is made from a plush material. It has the depth of fleece, but the silkiness of velour. Thank you for your question!
What colour is the blanket?
Can the blanket be used just like a throw if you are sitting on the sofa or a chair? Thank you
Thank you for your enquiry. Yes the Comfi Electric Heated Blanket will be fine to be used like a throw on your sofa. The blanket is dark blue.
How long is the lead
Ive got one being delivered on Thursday 8th February and Id like to know in advance how long the lead Id and how much do they cost an hour for electricity
Thank you for your enquiry, we do not have the length of the lead, however if you need this to be extended you can use a extension lead with the product. This would be no more cost of electricity then plugging your fridge into the mains, If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
How do you wash this blanket in the washing machine
Do I need to undo the stitches to remove the wires before putting it into the washing machine
Thank you for asking Rachel,We have contacted the suppliers and they have responded, once you have removed the main cable (there is a push button and the two part pull apart) this blanket is machine washable.
Can I put the Comfi Electric Heated Blanket under the duvet?
Can I put the Comfi Electric Heated Blanket under the duvet?
Thank you for your enquiry. This product is an over blanket which goes over the top of a duvet. We do have an under blanket which sits on top of your mattress under a bed sheet which may be more suitable. For further information please call our dedicated Sales Team on 0800 111 4774.
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