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These Orthopaedic Mattresses Will Help You To Sleep Better

January 03, 2017 -
Memory Foam Mattress

It’s important to have the right bed. A good bed and quality mattress is vital for sleep and by extension, quality of life. On average, we spend around a third of our life sleeping. You not only deserve a good quality bed, you need a good quality mattress. Most importantly, it’s vital to get the right mattress for you. All most of us understand about mattresses is the importance of the right firmness for our comfort, but the material and manufacturing method, and the design, are all important too. With so many options on the market today, you are probably feeling a little confused about which would be best for you. Here, we look at some of the best CareCo mattress options.

Memory Foam Mattresses

One of the most popular types of mattress today, they add extra comfort to your body. Most are made in a conventional manner with springs or pockets including the filler. A memory foam mattress though will have an additional layer of a type of foam that moulds and adapts to your body while you sleep. This provides additional comfort and head and back support for your unique body size and shape. If you’re looking for a CareCo mattress with memory foam, we have a number of options including the Pocket Memory Foam Mattress with a high density layer of foam for prolonged use.

Latex Mattresses

Although latex has not caught on as much as bed manufacturers might have hoped, there are great benefits for using a CareCo mattress made from this unusual substance. They are best for those with allergies. Dust mites and bed bugs cannot live in rubber. They are also much lighter than your conventionally made high-quality mattress, which is weighed down with metal springs and dense filler; therefore, they are easier to turn. Latex is not for everybody, but we like the soft feeling, the lightweight body and the presentation of luxury. We have several latex options at present including the Victoria model which uses both latex and foam.

The Pocket Sprung Mattress

A new take on a traditional design, the pocket sprung mattress uses conventional spring design but with a major difference. Where open coil mattresses are linked together and react to pressures of your body, in pocket sprung mattresses the pockets work independently. They exist independently of each other, not connected like traditional springs. This means greater support in key areas and greater flexibility in the mattress. A pocket sprung CareCo mattress represents one of the best investments you can make for your quality of sleep and general health. Our own pocket sprung mattress comes in a number of size options.

Orthopaedic Mattresses

While most mattress types claim to offer support for one body part or another, if greater support for the back and joints is required, then you should consider investing in an orthopaedic mattress. Although there is no international medical standard for orthopaedic mattresses, you may find this offers general better support for your body in the most important parts of the body. Depending on your medical condition, you may find greater comfort with this type of mattress, but it is not guaranteed.

The Importance of the CareCo Mattress Test

No matter which CareCo mattress type you ultimately choose, we cannot strongly recommend enough that you visit one of our showrooms to perform a mattress test. Figure out what feels most comfortable for you and examine the different sizes and thicknesses. With so many options of size, thickness, density, firm-soft options and material, nobody should invest in a new mattress until they are certain they have the right model for them. Please visit one of our showrooms and one of our advisors will be happy to demonstrate - please call first to check what we have in store. If you are looking for a new bed, view our beds online too - some come with a mattress included. Our bedroom department has many mobility aids to make your nights more comfortable, so take a look today. Remember to protect your mattress with a CareCo Mattress Cover & Protector.

Sue Adams
Sue Adams

Sue Adams has worked closely with our adjustable bed design and engineering team for many years, and stays up to date with the mobility beds and profiling beds market. She is undoubtedly an expert in beds as she enjoys sleeping on them too!

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