Eating Aids For Arthritis and MS Patients

For sufferers of Arthritis, MS and other debilitating illnesses even the simplest of tasks can be difficulty or even impossible. To help sufferers of these ailments CareCo offer a range of high quality and diverse products to help which we are always adding to this so that we can ensure we can provide products to suit all needs and requirements.

Cutlery and Eating Aids

ergonomic cultery
Arthritis Friendly Cutlery Set

Throughout our range we have a number of helpful eating implements that have been specially designed to help those who have trouble holding cutlery. In particular we offer a set of knives, forks and spoons which fit into the hand comfortably and securely even for those who have severe arthritis in their hands. We also have special food guards and non-slip mats which are great in aiding you when you eat by preventing slippage of food and drink.

Openers and Turners

It can be difficult for everyone to get into cans and jars, CareCo have a number of simple but effective solutions to this problem such as the electric one handed can opener and the easy to use Jar and Bottle Opener. Additionally you will also find helpful tap turners that help those with limited use of their hands operate taps and hobs on cookers such as the Uni Universal Turner.

Cups and Jugs

Clear Drinking Cups and Jugs

For those who struggle to hold cups our range includes many different cups each with a unique design to best suit an individual users requirements. You will also find a jug tipper available that lets you safely and with little effort pour liquids from one container to a cup or plate.

With our versatile range of products you should be able to find an item that not only helps you overcome your disability but is also of the utmost quality. We are always trying to update our range of products but if you don’t see what you’re looking for do not hesitate contacting one of our discount mobility experts on 0800 111 4774 who will do their best to help you further.