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Aquabathe Bath Lift

91 % of 100

4.6 / 5

This innovative bath lift allows those with restricted mobility to enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing bath without having the cost and inconvenience of significant remodelling. Unlike a conventional bath lift, it lets you lie down on the base of the bath so you can fully immerse yourself for the most relaxing expererience. When not in use, it fully retracts into the wall mounted unit.

RRP £1,499.99 SAVE £200.00
inc VAT
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In stock - Home Assembly in 14 days

Take the risk and worry out of bath use

None of us want to court danger, and for many, that means no longer running the risk of climbing in and out of a bath for fear of slipping and falling. Here’s a safe solution that doesn’t mean compromising your privacy or spending a fortune on messy remodelling. The Aquabathe attaches to the wall beside your bath. The belt seat gently lowers you into the water and stays beneath you ready to lift you back up.


easy to install

Wall mounted

Fixed to your bathroom wall 

built in thermometer

Built in thermometer

Check the temperature of your bath water at a glance 

floating remote

Floating remote

Raise and lower yourself without reaching into the bath

The best alternative to a walk-in bath

A walk-in bath brings many benefits, but there’s no denying the cost and upheaval of getting one installed. The Aquabathe is a clever alternative that needs zero remodelling or plumbing work – it just attaches to the wall. As it's battery powered, you won’t need the services of an electrician, either. The retractable belt seat means other family members can still enjoy a normal bath whenever you like.

The safest way to bathe

Slips and falls in the bathroom increase in likelihood as we get older. The Aquabathe helps you get in and out of the bath with confidence, giving you a helping hand every step of the way. The easy to use handset lowers and raises you in and out the bath at the simple touch of a button, so you don’t need to ask for help, and the rechargeable battery provides up to 20 baths between charges.

Independence, privacy and dignity

Even if you have the most willing loved ones or highly capable carers, it can be frustrating having to ask others for help with what used to be routine tasks. And that's never more true than in the bathroom. The Aqualift makes it easier to bathe in privacy while giving your loved ones the reassurance that you’ve got the assistance and support you need.

Product Specs
Product Weight (kg) 11
Seat Depth (cm) 28
Seat Width (cm) 200
Height (cm) 33
Length (cm) 50.8
Width (cm) 10.2
User Specs
Max User Weight (kg) 127
  • Dimensions
  • A. 33cm
  • B. 50.8cm

This scooter's features include

Tiller Type










Assembly Guide

Happy to assemble this product yourself?
Here's our guide


Assembly Time:

30 mins


Home Assembly Recommended

People Required:

Engineer Advised


Or why not let us take care of all the heavy lifting for you?

Just choose Home Assembly at checkout.

Youtube Video Component
Home Assembly included




We’re taking care of all the heavy lifting and fiddly assembly for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Hassle free installation within 14 working days
You’ll hear from us within 48 hours to arrange a delivery slot


Friendly and professional engineers
Who show you how everything works, answer your questions and dispose of unnecessary packaging


Delivered where you need it
Get your product set up exactly where you need it, so you can get started straight away

Youtube Video Component
FREE (Normally £60)

What’s in the box?



All the important info for your bath lift, including assembly instructions if you need them.



Your charger is included, so you're ready to use your bath lift from day one.



Raise and lower yourself with just one quick click on your handset.

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All your questions answered
We have a shower at end of bath where unit would be fitted, would it be
We have a shower at end of bath where unit would be fitted, would it be affected by water integration from the shower?
Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately we would not recommend exposing the main unit to water as this will likely damage the electrical components.
What are the dimensions of the aquabathe bath lift wall unit please? I
What are the dimensions of the aquabathe bath lift wall unit please? I would like to know the height, depth and width.
Thank you for your enquiry. The dimensions of the unit for the Aquabathe are: 51cm wide x 10cm deep x 30cm high.
Does this price include the charger for the battery?
Does this price include the charger for the battery? We are considering purchasing this or the other brand. Are both on display at your Leicester showroom?
Thank you for your enquiry. All our products that require charging are supplied with a charger within the price. We would recommend contacting our Leicester showroom direct on 0116 253 8822 to enquire if they have both products on display currently.
What is the material of the belt made of
What is the bath lift belt material made of please Thank you
The main belt is made of a kind or plastic coated nylon, however the comfort is improved by a regular nylon seat cushion on top.
Is the seat Width really 200cm
This seems very wide to me My bath is not as long as that.
I apologise Mrs Greenwood for not making this measurement clear to you. The way this product work is alike a seat belt in a car; so the full length of the `belt` is 200cm. It will slowly lower you into the bath by releasing more of the belt at a time. Depending on the width of your bath it will be the correct width in ratio to your bath.
My mother owns an aquabathe bath lift but her carer is not allowed to use
Due to safety regulations my mothers carer cannot use the lift. Can you provide a service safety check monthly? New regulations need to be complied with. Can you help?
Unfortunately we do not offer this sort of service, your mother should be ok using the handheld device, and if not so her carer will not be putting her into any dangerous situation by using it for her. We do have a service that means you are called every 6 months to see if your product is safe for use.
Who installs this bath lift?
Do I have to install this lift myself?
We'll install the bath lift, and the price includes installation fee. Please note that installation requires a solid bathroom wall to fix the unit to.
does the price include installation?
Does the price include installation & is it battery operated?
Yes, the price includes installation. We will then give you a full explanation on how to use the lift, as well as answer any questions you have. This product comes with a chargeable unit which can be taken in and out of the main wall unit.
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